United Republics of Borealis

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United Republics of Borealis
Flag of Borealis
of Borealis
Coat of arms
Motto: Forever Free
Borealis in North America
Republics of Borealis
Largest cityCephiopia
Official languagesNone
Recognised regional languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
White American (100%)
  • Boreals
  • Borealians
GovernmentConstitutional federal republic
• President of Borealis
Trevor Hedstrom
LegislatureCongress of Borealis
Independence (United States)
• Declaration of autonomy
27 January 2024
• Declaration of Independence
1 February 2024
• National Revitalization
25 June 2024
• Total
0.0006 km2 (0.00023 sq mi)
• Estimate
• Density
6,666/km2 (17,264.9/sq mi)
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Time zoneUTC-6 (CT)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.be (proposed)

Borealis, officially the United Republics of Borealis, is a sovereign micronation and a constitutional federal republic. Borealis is surrounded by the United States and has declared itself within the property of Trevor Hedstrom, Borealis' founder and current president.

Borealis created the "Declaration of Autonomy" on 27 January 2024, which was passed to local authorities. This eventually led to the Declaration of Independence on 1 February.

Borealis was reformed from its original state, the "Republic of Trevoria," on 25 June 2024, based on the "Revitalization of the United Republics of Borealis."

Borealis is named after the Aurora Borealis.


Pre-republic of Trevoria

Trevor Hedstrom had an apparent fascination with micronations and history. This further materialized after they created and posted a personal flag, which was previously used for the nation. Trevor then finally began forming the nation, creating a national declaration on 30 January 2024[1]. The nation only officially occupied Treia (now Trevoria) at the time, claiming the other three republics (then provinces) on the property.

Agreements for the rest of the property to use local flags and signing documents were made, improving national legitimacy.

Trevoria (now Borealis) gained no response from local governments. A move from autonomy to full independence began shortly after, alongside declaring occupation of all claimed territories. The Official Declaration of Independence was created on 31 January 2024 and was ratified the following day by all people within the property.

Republic of Trevoria

The Official Declaration of Independence took effect on 1 February 2024, officially declaring all of the property independent due to all residents of the property previously signing the Declaration of Independence.

United Republics of Borealis

On 20 June 2024, the "Revitalization of the United Republics of Borealis"[2] was created, enforcing major changes to the nation including name, government, military, and vexillology. By 25 June 2024, all changes were made and began to be implemented.


A wavy tricolor with another color bordering the flagstaff. A wheat-like orange for fields, a wavy blue to represent waters, specifically rivers, and white representing peace and innocence. The blue near the flagstaff represents a dark sky. A longsword spans most of this dark sky blue, pointing to the north star to represent progress. The four stars resemble the four republics, constantly pursuing progress.

Military branches and individual republics are also given a flag under the "Revitalization of the United Republics of Borealis," which are from the president or Congress.

Government and politics

This section contains information retrieved from one source, the "Revitalization of the United Republics of Borealis[2].

The government of Borealis is built similarly to the United States government, with three branches (President, Congress, and the Boreal Court of Order) that share power on national decisions. Powers can overrule each other if deemed needed immediately instead of going through the voting process.


The president maintains their position for as long as the majority of the population is in their favor. If the president is not in a majority of the nation's favor, they can be voted out, and an election will take place. The next president must have a majority of votes and can make coalitions with up to one other president serving with them at the same time. The removed president can make, albeit smaller than usual, decisions until a new president is decided on after a month (no one will be president until a majority is decided) or if they are deemed in need of being removed immediately.


Political parties are, and can be, made, but are only used for elections. Borealis states it has at least seven parties, including "Universalism," Borealis' style of centrism, liberalism, progressivism, labourism, social democracy, green, and libertarianism.


Congress is for everyone in politics who is not the president or in the Boreal Court of Order. Anyone can petition to join Congress after a month of being a Boreal national. A few positions have been made (Presidential Secondhand, Republic Representative, a special position for soldiers) and more can be made if Congress agrees on it. Anyone can change positions if requested. When congress members do not do their job, their membership is paused or they can change positions.


The Boreal Court of Order creates and votes on laws. Members must be in the nation for over six months and have the president and Congress agree on their position to become a judge. Created laws are voted on by judges, then voted on by Congress, then finally by the president. Revotes, reworks, and overturns can be requested by judges or a majority of the population. Overrules can also be made. Judges can step down or be removed from a vote by other judges.

All laws created by the United States also apply to Borealis unless overturned.


The Boreal military includes four forces: Armed (grounded and cyber), Naval (navy), Skyline (air), and Astronomies (space). Anyone can apply for the military and anywhere else in the government at the same time. The president, who is the highest singular authority in the military, can upgrade soldiers to commanders based on effort and skill. Commanders can do more in the military than the president, though can be removed by the president if considered to be corrupt[2].


Agreements between the branches are needed for nationwide economic policies, with lesser decisions needing agreements on the populations that live in the affected republic(s)[2].

Foreign relations

Trevor has stated that Borealis places high standards on peace and diplomacy. Borealis rejects any changes resulting from a war. The following are officially recognized by Borealis[2], though other micronations can gain recognition if worked with:


Borealis currently includes four people. Membership for republics into Borealis can be requested individually, with the president signing people into the nation with their own signature.

Religion & Language

There is no officially recognized religion, religion is entirely detached from politics, and religion cannot be directly promoted in documents. Language has a similar treatment. Religion and language can be decided on per republic for religious traditions or language translations on documents. Currently, three republics are Christian (Cephiopia, New Alberta, and Zelas) while one is irreligious (Trevoria), and all republics are dominantly English-speaking[2].


Trevoria solely consists of 600 square meters of housing[2], so its geography is flat and not natural. Nearby areas include trees southbound, a house and incomplete road westbound, and buildings to the north and east.

Administrative divisions

Borealis currently occupies four republics. Trevoria is the capital, named after its founder, Zelas is the smallest province, named after Zelus (the Greek diamon for zeal), Cephiopia is the most populated province (2), named from a portmanteau between Cephius and Cassiophia resembling parenting, and New Alberta is the least populated (0) and largest province, with its name having no known meaning[2].

Flags, Names, and Establishment dates
Cephiopia 1 February 2024
New Alberta