Bluebell and Konohana legislative election, year III

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The Bluebell and Konohana legislative election of year III was celebrated at 5 of Spring of the year III, sunday.


These election was convocated in winter of year II, after the triomph of the Party of People's Democracy with the new electoral system law. After these elections, the Centrist Union contested the results, citing traps in the electoral law and falsehood in the electoral census. That same month, the Federal Supreme Court gave reason to the centrists in their accusations, ruling that there was a perversion of the electoral roll as well as that the electoral law that had been approved before the elections did not serve the population level of the country. The court ruled the nullity of the electoral law in force until now, forcing the implementation of the previous electoral law. Also forced the Government to call new legislative elections before the deadline of one season.

Parties and candidates

  • Party of People's Democracy (PDP)
    • Rutger Batle
    • Ayame Herbes
    • Ulyssa Oracle
    • Mako Taroncher
    • Alisa Vallbona
  • Centrist Union (UC)
    • Empar Cavaller
    • Ina Batle
    • Ash Boví
    • Laney Howard
    • Grady Cavaller
  • Federal Socialist Party (PSF)
    • Eileen Fuster
    • Dirk Cartes
    • Camíl Flors
    • Reina Taroncher
    • Howard Dolç


Party Leader Votes % Seats +/–
Party of People's Democracy (PDP) Rutger Batle 14 46.67
3 / 5
Centrist Union (UC) Empar Cavaller 9 30
1 / 5
Federal Socialist Party (PSF) Eileen Fuster 7 23.33
1 / 5
Popular vote

Elected MPs

MP Party
Rutger Batle PDP
Ayame Herbes PDP
Ulyssa Oracle PDP
Empar Cavaller UC
Eileen Fuster PSF