Free Land of La Paz

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The Free Land of La Paz a micronation in Arizona. Located near Prescott, Arizona, it has very rocky terrain and has a population of 7 people. La Paz is comprised of many regions including: Tekrov, Arizono, New California, and Unitia.

Free Land of La Paz
La Paz.png

"People of Success"
Capital cityShasta
Official language(s)English
DemonymLa Pazian
- PresidentThomas E.
- AssemblyNational Congress
EstablishedSeptember 2017
Area claimedUnknown
Time zoneMountain Standard Time (MST)
National animalCactus Wren


The Free Land of La Paz was founded on the 28th Of September, 2017. It has been renamed ten times officially.


In La Paz it is mostly rocky and hot.

Foreign Relations

La Paz is an ally to not many, and has 3 embassies around the world.


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