Baustralian Empire/Charter

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(Signed) John I by the Grace of God of Baustralia, the Dominions, King, Emperor of Ostreum


Whereas His Most Gracious Baustralian Majesty wishes to rule his Empire in a democratic and civil manner, this document shall form a Parliament, and Empire in his name.


These kingdoms which His Majesty rules shall form the member states of the Empire.

Ostreum, Empire of
Baustralia, Kingdom of
Baustralian Antarctic Territories
Edstmae, Dominion of
Fox Islands, Dominion of
Wangatangia, Dominion of

They shall be ruled by His Majesty, and his heirs and successors, along with his vice-regal representative. These states may form a government or be controlled by the Parliament of Baustralia.