Battle of the Playground

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Battle of Play Ground
Abu Road, Rajasthan
Result Abhinav Gang Victory
Whole Playground Region occupied by Abhinav Gang.
Poojan Gang retreated to Big Gate region.
Abhinav Gang Poojan Gang
Commanders and leaders

Abhinav Gang Commanders:

  1. Harshvardhan
  2. Abhinav Vyas
  3. Vikas Meena
  4. Yash

Poojan Gang Commanders:

  1. Poojan
  2. Shahrukh Khan
20-30 13 at start, 1 at main battle

Battle of Play Ground was the first battle in which Harshvardhan took command and this became the model story for rest of his battles. In this battle he learnt that even a single soldier's courage and spirit can change the result of the war. This battle begin because of two reasons, first was that-

  1. Abhinav Gang lead by Harshvardhan and Abhinav Vyas was against the Islam and Poojan gang took few Muslims in there gang.
  2. For the dominance of the swings area in the Play Ground region of the School.

The initial reason of the war was Harshvardhan and Vikas Meena caught spying in Poojan's region.


Poojan sent Shahrukh Khan to drag Harshvardhan and Vikas Meena in front of him. When Shahrukh reached the Abhinav Gang area, he was immediately 20-30 Abhinav Gang members. But powerful soldiers such as Yash Chhangani, Abhinav Vyas, Akash Pandit and Jitendra were getting beaten badly by a single person!

Play Ground Region

St Anselm school was build on a large Church owned land. It have a huge open area and a magnificent stage. There was a region specially for junior students of LKG, HKG, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th with swings and a small church. Children called it Play Ground Region. When Harshvardhan was in 3rd, there was bitter struggle between Abhinav-Harshvardhan faction and Poojan faction for the dominance of the playground regions. Battles with stones, hand to hand fights, etc. became common. This battle was first battle led by Harshvardhan in his career. Play Ground Region had many kind of swings, and children who want to use them had to take permission form the ruling faction of the region. So outside supporters of the groups were formed.

The Battle

Harshvardhan ordered 20-30 people to attack Shahrukh. But Shahrukh was easily beating all. He was fighting with almost 6-8 people at time without getting any hit! Jitendra asked Harshvardhan himself to fight Shahrukh who was seeing this fight from a distance. Harshvardhan was little nervous and some what afraid. But then Jitendra praised him by saying- "You are strongest among us and only you can save us from a shameful defeat!". This ignited Harshvardhan's anger. He attacked Shahrukh from back, but got a kick on his neck as soon as he tried to do so. After this, for once he wanted to run but then Abhinav got a bad slap on his face- after this volcano of his anger brusted. He attacked Shahrukh shouting with full strength. Shahrukh's lips begin bleeding and got a bad hit on his chest. Shahrukh ran to the school building and Harshvardhan, Akash Pandit and Abhinav ran after him. They caught him and beat him with there full power. This lead to Abhinav's victory.


Leaders of Abhinav Gang did the following comments after the war:

Shahrukh Khan was earlier very weak person. I have heard that Allah gave him power to defeat and kill us. But for the God's sake we won. I think his father would be so strong if he kick Shahrukh he would fall 10 meters away!

— Abhinav Vyas

We won the battle! But everybody fought bravely. When our strong fighters like Yash and Jitendra were easily beaten up... To be honest I was afraid. But Lord Shiva were with us and led us to vistory. Har Har Mahadev!

Result and Aftermath

The final victory of Abhinav Gang made Harshvardhan immensely popular and outside children began to support Abhinav Gang. Poojan Gang became more and more weak and it was able to retake the Play Ground region only once but can't sustain it for more then 5 days. Harshvardhan finally became president of the Abhinav Gang.