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Banatrophe is a sport played in Starhigh were hunters shoot banana bugs out of the air with water guns. Banatrophe was founded by Harry G on the 19/10/11. It is tradition in Starhigh to wear any Imperial medallions, crowns etc when playing Banatrophe.


Whoever shoots the bug out of the sky owns the banana bug. If you can find the banana bug, you may keep it as a trophy which will then count as two points. If you shoot a banana bug out of the sky and you are unable to locate it it will only count as one point. If you hit a banana bug and it does not fall to the ground it counts as no points.

For example:

1 Banana Bug (Trophy): 2 points

1 Banana Bug (No Trophy): 1 point

1 Banana Bug (Not Fallen): 0 points

1 Other Insect (Trophy): 1 points

1 Other Insects (No Trophy): 0 points

1 Butterfly (Trophy): 5 points

1 Butterfly (No Trophy): 3 points

1 Wasp or Bee (Trophy): 8 points

1 Wasp or Bee (No Trophy): 6 Points


Any trophies are kept in the pocket until the end of the hunt. When the hunters return home them write their scores on a piece of paper and sticky-tape the remaining trophies onto the paper making sure they are dead and fully sealed in. Most hunters find the hardest part of the hunt trying to kill the surviving trophies.

Other Facts

  • Both the Emperor (Hugh I of Starhigh) and the MP for Benevolence an electorate in Starhigh Harry G are huge fans of the sport.
  • The name Banatrophe come from the two words Banana (from Banana Bug and Trophe from Trophy. The Emperor let the founder Harry G create the name.