BBK Empire

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BBK Empire
Flag of BBK Empire
Motto: 'vi kommer att leda , vi kommer att expandera! (English: We will lead, we will expand!)
Anthem: None
LocationNorth America & Africa
CapitalKukua City
Largest cityPaisa City
Official languagesEnglish & Swedish
GovernmentFederal Democratic Monarchy
EstablishmentSeptember 22, 2011
• (as of February 2016) census
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zone(UTC)
This nation gains citizens from YouTube subscribers & its online form. MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide/Example Organisation

The BBK Empire was a micronation founded on September 22, 2011. It didn't become an official Micronation until October 30, 2015. BBK claimed Bir Tawil, Berkner Island, Rothschild Island, Frisning Island, Meighan Island, Perley Island and the Isiga Islands. As of 2016 the nation became defunct after its constitution, name, etc. were scrapped. However, a successor nation - led by the same man - does exist.


BBK is an acronym for "Black & Blue Knights".


BBK started off in 2011 as a club, then later in 2012 the founder (King William) transformed it into a Micronation. Later in 2014 it was converted into an e-nation (100% Cyber Nation) but then later in October 2015 converted back into a micronation.

Government and politics

BBK is ruled by its founder, King William T. BBK has a unique system of government that combines confederacy, monarchy and democracy into one. There are two types of territory in BBK. Class A and Class B. Class A is territory claimed by the government meanwhile Class B is territory claimed by a citizen or citizens of BBK and then submitted to be a Class B territory. Class B territory is ruled completely by the local government while taking advice from the BBK Government and still counting as a BBK territory, that's the confederate section of the BBK government. In the Class A territories, the constitution (in progress) tells the King what not to do, the King tells everyone what to and not to do, the National Council (elected by citizens, the democratic section) along with "Specials" (Elected by the King) tell citizens and governors what to and not do (as long as it doesn't interfere with the king or constitution) and the governors tell the citizens what to do (as long as it doesn't interfere with other laws.)


The official religion of BBK is Christianity, though all citizens have freedom of religion. It is estimated by the BBK Government that 96% of BBK citizens are Christian while the other 4% have no religion.


BBK has claimed Bir Tawil in Africa as well as a few islands that were technically in international waters before being claimed by BBK. BBK also has claim to a collection of territories located within the borders of the USA, although most of those territories are considered "Class B" territories therefore the BBK Government has little control over these territories.

Law and order

BBK doesn't have an actual police force. Instead it relies on its intelligence agency called the SSA. Though the SSA only deals with territory on BBK Cyber Territory and Physical BBK Territory excluding submitted property (BBK allows citizens to submit property as a self governing territory). If a crime is severe, it is likely that the SSA will turn the criminal over to the local police force. Otherwise the SSA will either remove the criminal from BBK or give a fine.

Foreign relations

BBK is currently (as of 2/8/16) negotiating an alliance with a new micronations prime minister, the BBK government has yet to release the name of the other micronation. BBK is also said to have close ties to the online hacktivist group called Anonymous, as mentioned in the paragraph below.


Possibly BBK's greatest strength due to the investment into their military. Although BBK has nothing but a few guards for an actual military, their strength is in their cyber-warfare abilities. The government is also said to have made friends with the notorious hacktivist group Anonymous. SSA: Although they don't ever engage in combat, they BBK's form of the CIA and provides intelligence to BBK's allies and carries out cyber-attacks on enemies.

Geography and climate

Kukua City, BBK is a Temperate Deciduous Forest biome and contains many trees in the Northern section, while Paisa City is more to the south than Kukua City so it's slightly warmer but is still the same biome. In the Northern and Southern territories (located near Antarctica and Northern Canada) the climate is usually well below zero and the biome is usually either Taiga or Tundra.


Not the largest, but not the smallest. BBK uses the US Dollar (Also used in the USA). BBK mainly exports online software and media (such as films and moveis). BBK's main imports are Tea (40%), Clothing (30%) and other (30%).


Although it is based in North America and the primary language is English, BBK also has a large number of citizens in the macronation of Sweden, so he thought it was appropriate to add Swedish as a national language. Because of this, BBK is a mixture between American culture, Swedish culture and a little bit of their own. BBKish culture consist of a love for tea and pineapples. Language in BBK: Bbkempirelanguage.png


The BBK Government puts the majority of their extra research in Astronomy (BBK Galactic, the BBKish version of NASA), Psychology (The BBK Government spends up to 20% of their time researching Psychology) and software.


King William has his own gaming YouTube channel where all subscribers are citizens. [1]

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