Autonomy WesternSun

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Autonomy WesternSun
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Government: Republic presidential
Language: English
King: King Alexei I
President: TBA
Date of establishment: 25 APR 2016
Micronation: Kingdom of Danland

The Autonomy WesternSun is part of the Kingdom of Danland. The Autonomy was created after a referendum on secession from Danland but it was decided to remain part of Danland, but to be Autonomous.


24 April 2016, a referendum was held on secession from the Kingdom of Danland. For a way out of the Kingdom, voted 47.9% and 48.3% against disconnection. It was decided not to conduct second round. It was decided to remain part of the Kingdom of Danland, but to become Autonomous. 25 April 2016 King of Danland Alexei I signed a decree on the establishment of autonomy. 04 may 2016 was elected President, Evgenii Petrov.


Autonomy is in the southern part of the Kingdom of Danland


The Kingdom operates a Republic presidential. On July 8, is king Alex I. President Evgeny Petrov

Discussions on accession to the Kingdom IcePeaks

Discussions on accession to the Kingdom of the IcePeaks(the administrative part of Danland). Discussion is conducted from 30 June 2016. Having autonomy WesternSun considerably worsened the relations with the Kingdom of Danland. It was almost terminated relations with the Kingdom. At the moment Evgeny Petrov (President WesterSun) believes that the need to secede from the Kingdom of Danland. But the Parliament for the accession to the Kingdom IcePeaks. If autonomy will come into the Kingdom. In Danland will be only one administrative unit.

The intensification of the conflict on July 11.

July 11

July 11 saw a serious escalation of the conflict. President Yevgeny Petrov announced the forthcoming separation of autonomy. The king did not take this seriously.

July 17

July 17, Evgeny Petrov was a Republic of the Western Sun. Then the King made a statement. Statement of King Alex the First In social network "VK" there was a group called "Republic of the WesternSun". In the description of the group listed - the Republic WesternSun - a new micronation, which previously was part of the Kingdom of Danland.

According to the Constitution of Danland, only the King can detach or attach administrative units of KD.

The King's decision to leave Autonomy in the composition of Danlandi.

Soon Autonomy WesternSun will be part of the Kingdom of the Icepeaks otherwise, it will arise the new Republic, instead of autonomy.

Soon to be prepared a decree on dismissal of Yevgeny Petrov from the President's Autonomy WesternSun. Also he will be deprived of all state awards of the Kingdom of Danland.

July17 evening

July 17, 9:55 PM Evgeny Petrov was removed from the post of President of the Autonomy WesterSun and deprived of all state awards of the Kingdom of Danland. After the statement of the King were quickly prepared and signed a corresponding decree. But the new Republic continues to exist.

Coat of Arms

The emblem of the autonomy there is not a single crown. Especially as a symbol of the lack of the monarchy.