Austrar Islands

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Austrar Islands

To nation, to pride
Capital cityArran
Largest cityArran
Official language(s)Austrarian, English & Slovakian
Official religion(s)Non specific
Short nameNA
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- Ben Gilmore??
- NA??
Area claimed5 acres
Population24 as of 2013
Time zoneGMT
National sportFootball
National animalRed Squirrel
Patron saintSt.Maarten
This nation is a member of the EUM

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The Austrar Islands is a micronation founded in 2013, by a group of 12 people. The Austrars territory has been divided recently due to many Austrarans claiming their own micronation e.g AR Vanobrasia, Republic Of Arran, DDR Alforr (currently in independence battle), Kaig (Currently claiming independence).


The Austrar Islands first started off as a US military base in the Cold War. A few years later the island became owned by Austrar, which subsequently led to a lack of recognition for power in the area.

The territory of Austrar in recent time has decreased due to a number of civil conflicts which have resulted in the formation of the AR Vanobrasia, Republic of Arran, DDR Alforr and the attempted claim for sovereignity by Kaig. The situation in Austrar is tense as the DDR Alforr attempts to take the land that it claims but the Austrar Islands continue and intend to continue to fight for their land.

In 2013 the Austrar Islands participated in Microvision and are continuing this into 2014 with a re-entry into the international competition. In 2013 British Singer Emeli Sande visited the Austrar Islands officially, and she is now one of the most sought after entries to the 2014 Austrar Microvision bid.


The terrain of Austrar follows the typical Scottish terrain of slightly mountainous downlands which are laced with villages and towns like of that the capital Arran. The many divided territories of Austrar now make it difficult to track the exact geography of this country, however it is known that it is close to the highlands which results in a more mountainous landscape than the lowlands to the south.

Austrar previously claimed land in North America that was a small island chain to the west of Alaska, however that is now defunct leaving the sovereign territory purely on the island of Great Britain.

Austraran landscape is rather mountainous near the capital region but with other regions such as the St Loebasi region have a flat terrain yet is hard to tell. Austraran Kingdom Of China's terrain is completely different as its is extremely mountainous and has no villages or streams.


Military is supplied by Grampian Police and such the Austrar Islands remain under the protection of the Scottish forces despite claiming sovereignity over the land much like the situation in Iceland and many other macronations around the world. The Austrar Islands do not actively engage in warfare and thus use of a military for external purposes would be simply un-needed yet has been involved in the Alakazanian War where 5 Austrarans helped Alakazanians fight of the Oscatians. Another example is the Arran Civil conflict, when Republic Of Arran declared unofficial self independence and thus civil conflict broke out. Austrar still tries to hide the wars as they try to paint the image of a friendly nation so they can retain allies.

Local events

Some of the local events in Austrar

Austrar Marathon

  • Austrar marathon is were some locals of Austrar & Scotland go on a run across the border and all austrars regions, beginning in San Marenzo square & ending at Arran. This event happens every year, march 5th 2014.


Austrar doesn't play a wide range of sports, yet, has a fully established football team who play in tournaments or friendlies against neighboring countries and micronations. Austrar also has a Handball, basketball & Rugby team yet all 3 of them are a work in progress.


Government is ruled by president Gilmore, who became the Austrar Islands 2nd president in February 2014.

Law & Order

There has been no crime in Austrar. The Grampian Police Department is the only police branche. These are the main laws of Austrar Islands

  • Robbery- Prisoned
  • Terrorism- Execution or Prisoned for life & Exiled
  • Major Robbery- Prisoned and exiled
  • Sexual Assault- Execution or Prisoned for life & Exiled
  • Breaking Human Rights- Exiled & depending on how bad given to Scottish Police
  • Racism- Racism is not tolerated at all and will be exiled and even reported to Scottish Police

Flag meaning

Blue symbols the water of the islands, Red for the independence from Scotland in 2013, White for the freedom of the nation, the lion or The Lion Of Austrar is one of the biggest symbols from when Austrar started.

Foreign Relations

We are open to micronations for foreign relationship and trading if you are willing to never start a war with us or never betray staff. Some have been added but are not official;

  • Socialist Republic of Bromenia (80%)
  • Smithville (85%)
  • Kingdom Of Virginia (65%)


All major towns in Austrar

Name Photo Council money Population Region
Arran £40+ 5 Loebasi Region
Fireen £35 13 Loebasi Region
Kaig £10 2 Kaig Region
Republic Of Arran £25 4 Independence TBA
Alforr £3 1 Independence TBC

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