Australissian Legislative Council

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Australis Leadership Council
2nd ministry of Australis NationalAustralisFlag.png
Date formed June 18, 2020
People and organizations
Head of government Jared Barker
Head of state Daniel Roscoe
No. of ministers 3 members
Total no. of ministers 8 members
Legislature term(s) Indefinite
Previous Pentarchy Government

The Australis Leadership Council is the legislative governing body of Australis. It is chaired by the Grand Duke of Australis, Daniel Roscoe and the Chancellor of Australis, Jared Barker. It is usually comprised of 8 members, who are nominated by the citizen base of Australis and appointed by the College of Merit in a fair, equal and unbiased manner.


Image Name Position
DanielRoscoe-IkoniaPortrait.png Daniel Roscoe Grand Duke of Australis, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Australis)
Jared Barker.jpg Jared Barker Chancellor of Australis
Vacant Vice-Chancellor of Australis
Marcus Oosthuizen.jpg Marcus Oosthuizen Minister of Technology (Australis)
Lisamarie Joubert Minister of Defence (Australis)