Prime Minister of Australis

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Prime Minister of the of Unified Royal States of Australis
Coat of arms of Australis.svg
Coat of Arms of Australis
Cameron Koehler

since 24 January 2021
StyleThe Honourable
Reports toHouse of Commons
AppointerGrand Duke of Australis
Term lengthSix months
Formation8 April 2020
First holderJared Barker (As Chancellor)
Xavier Martin (As Prime Minister)

The Prime Minister is the head of government and the chief executive of Australis. The incumbent Prime Minister, Cameron Koehler, was inaugurated on 24 January 2021.

List of Heads of Government of Australis

This is a list of all people who have held the office of the Prime Minister, including those who once held the equivalent position of Chancellor.

Chancellor Portrait Tenure Notes Political affiliation
Took office Left office
1 Xavier Martin Gray - replace this image male.svg.png 8 April 2020 22 April 2020 (14 Days) None (Independent)
2 Jared Barker Jared Barker.jpg 23 April 2020 6 May 2020 (13 days) Libertarian Socialist Party
- Vacant 7 May 2020 27 May 2020 (20 days) Vacant during the collapse of the Pentarchy. N/A
3 Jared Barker Jared Barker.jpg 28 May 2020 7 November 2020 (5 months, 10 days) First Chancellor and third Head of Government overall. Barker is known for pioneering many of the systems still in use today within Australis. None (Independent)
4 Patrick Kenny Patrick Kenny.jpg 8 November 2020 21 December 2020 (1 month, 13 days) Second Chancellor of Australis, fourth Head of Government overall. Notable for reforming the foreign ministry. None (Independent)
- Vacant 21 December 2020 24 January 2021 (1 month, 3 days) Vacant during restructuring of Government. N/A
5 Cameron Koehler CameronI-OfficialPortrait-January2021.png 24 January 2021 Incumbent The fifth Prime Minister of Australis. Conservative Party