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Asbest 1 TV channel


Emblem of the Asbest 1 TV channel

Asbest 1 (Asbest TV) - Asbestian television broadcaster and also is the only TV provider formally recognized in the Democratic republic of Asbest.

From 2019, the broadcaster's legal status is defined by the Broadcasting Act, according to which Asbest 1 is obliged to carry out the mission of offering many diverse programs and other services in the field of information, journalism, culture, entertainment, and education to the people.

The government of the DRA also uses Asbest 1 to gather more support for the communist party of Asbest

Asbest 1 is the broadcaster of TV channels available in Digital terrestrial television and Analog Terrestrial Television such as: Asbest 1, Asbest 1 NEWS, Asbest 1 education