Articles of Coalition

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The articles of Coalition are a document that helps a Coalition form and grow, they are six rules that allow the forming of Coalitions, they are as follows.

The articles of Coalition

  • Any nation who wishes to be an ally of the Coalition may be an ally, but only if said nation is willing to enforce our Doctrines and ideologies below. Any attempt to threaten the Coalition will be dealt with severely.
  • The Coalition may employ diplomats and or ambassadors to deal with foreign relations and keep the peace between other organisations and nations.
  • The Coalition may in the event of war, call upon other Coalition members to secure the Coalitions right to rule and govern. The nations are obligated to provide both military and monetary assistance for the war effort, in the event of another nation in the coalition being assaulted, all other nations are obligated provide assistance.
  • The nations within the Coalition are forbidden from creating wars within the Coalition, any wars or trade embargo will count toward the nation’s immediate expulsion or count toward future expulsion, illegal trade will also count toward expulsion.
  • The Coalition is not the overlord, the Coalition is there to help govern and protect its fellow nations and therefore must be flexible. The majority vote will rule over what happens and why.
  • The Coalition will be able to back up or support nations who wish to join. Any nation that wishes to join or needs help creating a nation must be helped.