Armonican Tribus Autonomous area

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Flag of Armonika

This is our smallest and most autonomous area. It has its own currency, the sestertius. The area was created by the foundation of a Celtic village. He has his own tribe of Princeps. The village lives almost entirely from trade with other areas. Unique products are highly sought after in the MMBS market. All the spices found in MMBS are grown here. its flag varies from king to king (the very first flag was yellow with two white stripes.) Currently, the 13 vertical white-green-striped flag is in use. This area with a high degree of autonomy also stands out from the rest with its unique culture. Its form of government is traditionally an elective monarchy. This is the only zone in the MMBS where the princely title is formally or effectively held. Its public administration and infrastructure are not very sophisticated. The village itself consists of a single square and the houses around it. A pile of compost strengthens the soil of the capital's gardens. Sóder's mine serves as a raw material for concrete.