Armed Forces of Broslavia

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Broslavian Armed Forces
Country Grand Duchy of Broslavia
Service Branches 1st Volunteer Division
Royal Gaursd
Previous engagements none
Current engagements None
Commander in Chief HM Grand Duke Jacob Felts
Commissioned Officers HM Lord Jonah A. Felts; General of the 1st Volunteer Division, HM Lord Henry Roberts; Captain of the Royal Guard
General information
Headquarters None official
Active personnel 3

The Armed Forces of Broslavia is the official military of the Grand Duchy of Broslavia. It is divided into two branches; the 1st Volunteer Division and the Royal Guard. The 1st Volunteer Division is headed by General Jonah A. Felts, and the Royal Guard is commanded by Captain Henry Roberts. Both branches are armed with cardboard replica guns which shoot rubber bands. Their primary weapon is an AK47 replica and their secondary weapon is a Glock replica

1st Volunteer Division

This branch of the military forms the backbone of the Broslavian military.

Royal Guard

This branch is entrusted with guarding the Grand Duke. It is largely ceremonial.