Antarctic Settlement Research Group

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Antarctic Settlement Research Group

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Language English

Members 18 (as of November, 2020)
Founder ToryPirate

Founded March, 2020

Discussion of best practices for Antarctic settlement with the aim of one day settling on the continent.

The Antarctic Settlement Research Group is a collection of individuals interested in the eventual colonization of Earth's most southern continent. The group maintains a small private subreddit for storing reference materials, maps, and theoretical discussion threads. The long-term goal is the founding of a sovereign country in Antarctica with a permanent population residing there. Short-term goals include growing the research team and demonstrating that settlement of Antarctica is feasible from a survival, economic, and cultural stance.


The group was founded in March, 2020 by Reddit user ToryPirate with it having 16 members by August of the same year.

Current State of Research

Research Area Low Readiness Moderate Readiness Viable Plan Ready
Travel X
Population X
Food X
Shelter X
Economy X
Government X

Actually getting to Antarctica may prove the hardest, and most expensive, part of any settlement effort. Discussion of solutions to this problem have so far been limited.


No settlement can exist without a population and a means of increasing that population. While there has been some discussion on the challenges of attracting settlers, no solutions have been put forward.


Food is a vitally important issue. Discussion on this topic has produced a few workable ideas such as greenhouses, fishing, and hunting various animals.


Shelter against the cold Antarctic temperatures is as vital as a reliable food supply. Being able to build dwellings in a cost-effective manner is also important. Discussion has produced at least one possible solution.


If a settlement is to survive there must be some means of acquiring money to buy needed supplies and attract settlers. Several ideas have been discussed including meteorite mining which takes advantage of Antarctica's natural ability to concentrate meteorites and leave them visible for collection.


While the form of government for the new settlement has been discussed in limited terms there has been no in-depth look at how it would be organized.

Opinion on Other Antarctic Claims

The Antarctic Settlement Research Group does not recognize territorial claims by any government, organization, or group, not backed up by permanent settlement on the continent.

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