Andrew Mears

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The Right Honourable
Andrew Mears
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The PM himself
1st Prime Minister of Fundy
Assumed office:
December 7, 2009
Preceded by: Office Established
Succeded by: Sir Damian McHappytown
High Commissioner of Charlotte County
Assumed office:
February 10, 2010
Preceded by: Office established
Personal information
Born: March 16
Macronationality: American-Canadian
Micronationality Fundy
Residence: St. Andrews, Canada
Occupation: Herbal guru

Andrew Mears, (born Andrew Kenneth Mears, March 16) is the 1st and current Prime Minister of Fundy. He also serves as High Commissioner of Charlotte County.

Mears became Prime Minister after his appointment by His Majesty Cody Joshua. He is the first High Commissioner of Charlotte County and currently resides in St. Andrews. He is an advid rugby player.

Political career

Prime Minister Mears worked hard in help developing his community in many aspects. During Summer 2010, Andrew Mears went under investigation for corruption and treason. Found guilty, he was impeached from office but still remained his title of right honourable.