Amundsen City, Amundsen

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Amundsen City, with Amundsen University in the foreground and the city of Scottsdale in the background.

Amundsen City is the proposed capital city for the state of Amundsen. Located on a very small ice-free area in Marie Byrd Land, it will be mostly built on mountain slopes. The site is located in a heavily-disputed micronational area that owes its existence to the fact that it is the last unclaimed territory in the world.

The proposed location is on a mountain slope in the Phillips Range and is twinned with neighboring Scottsdale, home of Twin Cities International Airport, the region's main transportation hub. The city will be home to Amundsen University.

Sports teams

With names inspired by the December 12009 infringement on the sovereignty of the Federated States, Amundsen City will have four teams:

Baseball: Amundsen Patriots
Football: Amundsen Warriors
Basketball: Amundsen Brigade
Hockey: Amundsen Legion

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