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The government in the Amity faction is run by the faction as a whole. They have no defined leader, the leader is everyone in the faction. The Amity Representative is the "mouthpiece" of the faction, voicing their decisions to others. Zakai Edgington joined Amity in September 2014 and became Representative after his initiation. He stayed as representative until 14 October 2014, which was half way through the Nazi Galion-Estremitá War. There was a very short period where the Amity Representative was nonexistent. This period ended when Kristopher Williams joined Estremitá on 4 November 2014. He became Representative Williams after his initiation. Representative Williams is still the Amity Representative to this day.

List of Amity Representatives

Name Representative from Representative to
Zakai Edgington September 2014 14 October 2014
Vacant 14 October 2014 4 November 2014
Kristopher Williams 4 November 2014 Incumbent