Allambi Republic

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Allambi Republic

May 28, 2015 — December 24, 2015

Allambi, Victoria, Australia
Official language(s)English
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- CaptainJeremy Fredriksson
EstablishedMay 28, 2015
Time zoneAEST/AEDT

The Allambi Republic was a micronation that existed from May to December 2015. Based just to the east of the Central Allambi Territory of the Empire of Førvania, for most of its history the Republic was led by Captain Jeremy Fredriksson.

On the property of Allambi, owned by Stephen and Jean Fredriksson, Jeremy had begun building a trench with his brother Samuel and two of his cousins. After Jeremy’s brother Nicholai, claimed land at their property on the 27th of May, 2015, Jeremy asked if he could claim land for his own country, which he did, claiming the area around the trench.

The first act of the Allambi Republic was to declare war on Førvania, and the two nations fought in the Skirmish of Allambi the next day. This battle was a stalemate, and the nations signed a peace treaty in June.

The nation was quiet until November 2015, when war flared up again at the Skirmish of Licola. The nation claimed a significant area around Licola Wilderness Village, and declared war on Førvania for no apparent reason. There was a period of diplomatic negotiations, which broke down, and no peace treaty was ever formally signed.

At a Christmas party on Christmas Eve, 2015, during a period of conflict with Førvania, the nation collapsed, and was reformed into the New Allambi Republic.