Empire of the Alexandrians

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The Empire of the Alexandrians
Flag of Empire of the Alexandrians
Motto: Non Sine Sole Iris (Latin: There is no rainbow without the sun.)
Official languagesEnglish, French, Spanish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Current leader
HIM Emperor Edgard II Albert Portela
• Foundation
11th November, 2004

The Empire of the Alexandrians or Alexandria is a micronation (or more specifically a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy) whose metropolitan territory is located in Cibola, and which is further made up of a collection of overseas islands and territories located in other continents. It is bordered by the Viking Empire of Stormark and the Kingdom of Gotzborg. Alexandria now shares land borders overseas with Anthelia and Atterra, after the Confederate States of Rio Grande merged with Alexandria.

It was formerly composed of six constituent parts - Madland-Sardinia, Franciscania, Gradlia, Kettle, Nubinar and New Puerto Rico. Following the Golden Triangle Reforms of 2005, the constituencies were re-organized into two main sectors: a Spanish and a French Sector. All former constituencies were dissolved and replaced with four - Asunción, Puerto Nuevo, Valenciennes and Baudrix.

Alexandria has one overseas territory, called the Governorship of Santa Gertrudis.


To see history before name change, see Madland.

On November 11, 2004, a referendum in the Empire of the Madlandians was passed, requiring the name change from Madland to Alexandria.

The Great Disaster

In Alexandrian history, the Alexandrian involvement in Micro World War I is known as "The Great Disaster". Alexandrian troops entered Micro World War I at the Emperor's orders, causing great opposition to the war in the Alexandian Estates-General. The Alexandrians entered the war on the Communist side, for they were offering support in a war against Arminy. At the time, relations between Alexandria and Arminy had soured, mostly because of Arminian claims over Alexandrian lands.

The initial incursion into Arminian territory was very successful, despite increasing opposition for the war at home. Terrorist attacks, demonstrations and riots all over Alexandria became commonplace. Soon after the massive incursion into Arminian territory, Alexandrian forces were called to retreat back into Alexandria after Antica entered the Alexandria-Arminy war. This was a humiliating retreat for Alexandrians, and when the troops arrived home, a coup d'état was attempted, but the Emperor held the reins of power tightly in his hands.

Soon after the fires of opposition were quelled at home, the Emperor received massive unexpected support from the USSR and other Communist micronations and ordered the reinvasion of Arminy. The reinvasion was again successful, but not like the first. The second incursion fueled even more opposition to the Emperor's policies at home.

A lightning counterstrike made by the Arminians and the Anticans overwhelmed Alexandrian troops on the ground and quickly entered into Alexandrian territory. Within hours, Alexandrians were fighting in their own soil, the horrors of war brought to their land.

The Islamic Revolution

With Alexandria heading for defeat, the Alexandrian constitution was amended restore the anti-war provisions that were passed with the original version of the Constitution. Civil unrest broke out in the following weeks, later giving way to city and provincial uprisings, terrorist attacks and revolutionary attempts led by the Burning Torches Party and countless other groups.

On December 16, 2004, the AlexLibre Terrorist Group triggered a civil war with the Imperial Government when massive terrorist attacks in major cities of Alexandria like Edgardia, Geneva, Kettle and Franciscania. After eight hours of fighting in the capital, the terrorist guerillas captured it and within hours, they received news that all of the major cities within the Empire had fallen to them. Soon, news leaked out that the Palace of Wesloderia was captured and that the Emperor of Alexandria, Edgard II, was forced to abdicate. He was placed in house arrest at Wesloderia along with the Imperial Family. Soon after the news leaked out, the ABCC broadcasted footage of the leaders of the massive national revolt against the Imperial Government. They proclaimed the creation of the Islamic Republic of Sennar.

The Emperor, the Imperial Family and government officials were sent into exile soon after. It was in exile that the Emperor of Alexandria founded the Republic of San Martin with Troy Thompson and David Redstone.

The Islamic Republic of Sennar

The new Islamic Republic of Sennar soon faced tough opposition within the Empire. The state of Kettle soon seceded from the new Islamic Republic, triggering a continuation of the civil war. The civil war soon ended when Kettle was brought back into Sennar due to inactivity.

The Islamic Republic of Sennar soon fell to inactivity.

The Revival of Alexandria

  • restart of Alexandria in January
  • moving, reshuffling of forums, official restart in April
  • movement to regain the old homeland
  • claim in Cibola
  • relations with San Martin
  • Emperor's marriage to Josephine
  • Alexandrian-germanian war
  • Collapse of Germania

The May 15th National Elections

  • First elections in Alexandria since November 11, 2004.
  • Empress Josephine and members of the Imperial family form the Alexandrian Monarchist Party (AMP)
  • Jacques Gordon from the Monarchists, first Alexandrian Prime Minister of the "new era"

The Gordon Administration

  • Jacques Gordon - agenda, what he did, events in Alexandrian politics, etc.
  • Vindrus York arrives from TT and forms the Alexandrian National Liberty Party, Imperial Family Members and AMP members leave to join it
  • AMP dissolved

The August 16th National Elections

  • Vindrus York for ANLP, Russell DuBois for the Alexandrian Humanist Values Party, Jean-Jacques Miterrand as an Independent
  • Issues, campaign
  • Results lead to collapse of ANLP and of the right-wing movement in Alexandria
  • Russell DuBois from the Alexandrian Humanist Values Party wins the election

The DuBois Administration

  • Alexandrian Humanist Values triumph marks first leftist ministry in Alexandrian history
  • Punishment Reform bill
  • Inactivity
  • after the defeat of the right, Vindrus York retires from national politics, leaving the Alexandrian right in disarray and leaderless
  • arrival of Sofia de Aragon, Jacques de Beaufort and the beginning of a Catholic Right movement

The Revolution of the Right and the Golden Triangle Reforms

  • movement against PM DuBois, Aragon and other rightist party leaders begin negotiations for a union against the left in the upcoming elections
  • the Emperor, supported by the right and citizens disgruntled with the DuBois administration, presents the Golden Triangle Reforms aimed at revitalizing Alexandria
  • DuBois is forced to resign
  • Golden Triangle reforms dissolve old provinces, establish a new governmental model for Alexandria, gets rid of Estates-General
  • the Schism of the Right - negotiations for union fail and the right is at war within itself

The October 18th Elections

  • Matthieu Poitiers of the Conservatives vs. Sofia de Aragon of the Catholic Monarchists
  • Poitiers wins with 90% of the vote, decimating the Catholic Monarchists

The Poitiers Administration

  • National reforms continued, new Parliament set up, Constitution approved by Parliament
  • Parliamentary elections - victory for the Conservatives again
  • Military, economic and nationla reform agenda setup advances
  • Establishment of first provincial governments - Valenciennes, Asuncion
  • Aragon leaves Alexandria amidst intermicronational controversy
  • Catholic Monarchist Party dissolved, Beaufort becomes a Conservative
  • Arrival of Fabiola Douay, founding of the Alexandrian Pride Party, elected to Parliament in Asuncion
  • The Speaker Controversy - parliamentary showdown over the powers of the Speaker of Parliament
  • APP vs. ACP - national debate sparked on many issues such as democratization, etc


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