Aksum Imperium

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The Aksum Imperium

Vi et Animo, By Strength and Courage
Also Sprach Zarathustra (played for all major events); and Lux Aterna (Emperor's March)
Capital city Aksum City
Largest city Aksum City (In the Kingdom of Aeonia)
Official religion(s) none
Short name Aksum
Demonym Aksumian or Aksumite
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Emperor or Sovereign Riakos Lee Adams
Legislature Grand Imperial Assembly
- Type - Tricameral (Senate, House of Representatives, and House of Nobles)
- Number of seats - Currently 30 adjusts after every census
- Last election - annually
Established 2009
Area claimed Aksum Prime (Claims are only in the virtual world)
Currency The Aksum, (traded as the Micron 1:1 on the microverse virtual world grid)
Time zone Different
National sport none specific, all sports promoted
National dish Cajun Crab Broil
National drink Gentleman Jack and Sprite
National animal The Eagle and The Lion

The Portals of the Aksum Imperium