Akebarian Regiment

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Akebarian Regiment
Regan Leykbaränik
Military logo.png
Logo of the RL
Active 16/07/13 - present (as ALA)
Headquarters Akebar Cotts

The Akebarian Regiment is a regiment of the Neuvillish Royal Army, it was formed from the remnants of former Milit pro Libükam Leykbaränik (Akebarian Liberation Army), which served as the national military of the former Republic of Akebar.

The Akebarian Regiment is unique within the Neuvillish Army as it is armed entirely with crossbows as opposed to Neuvillish standard issue .50cal muzzleloading airguns, due to great range and accuracy of scoped crossbows, the Akebarian Regiment is typically deployed for long-range sniping. The Akebarian Regiment can also be distinguished by the fact that Akebarian soldiers wear coonskin caps as opposed to standard-issue Neuvillish ushankas.



  • Private/Dünädan

Non-commissioned Officers

  • Corporal/Kaporan
  • Sergeant/Särjan

Commissioned officers

  • Lieutenant/Liötan
  • Captain/Kapiten
  • Major/Mayor
  • Colonel/Konulan
  • General/General
  • Field Marshal/Krigamaredal