Akebarian Liberation Army

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Akebarian Liberation Army
Milit pro Libükam Leykbaränik
Military logo.png
Logo of the ALA
Active 16/07/13 - present
Headquarters Harehill
Field Marshall Robert Garside
Republican guard

The Akebarian Liberation Army or Milit pro Libükam Leykbaränik (pronounced: [milit prɔ libykɑm lejkbɑrɛnik]) in Volapük  (often abbreviated to ALA or MPLL) is the nation army of the Republic of Akebar. It seeks to liberate and defend the Akebar, and to establish the control of the Republic of Akebar over the civil parish. The ALA has seen no military action as of August 2015 however has four members and a stockpile of weaponry and equipment.

Weaponry and equipment

The ALA is peculiar in the fact that it does not use firearms, mainly due to the fact that they are hard to obtain in Europe. Instead, the primary weaponry of the ALA include archery-based weaponry such as recurve bows and crossbows. Historically, airguns were seen as the primary weapon of the ALA, however the use of airguns is now dying out in favour of bows.

The Akebarian Liberation Army uses a variety of uniforms and regalia. Woodland camouflage is officially used in forests and other outdoors settings, most commonly the British DPM pattern is used due to the fact that is has now been replaced by MTP in the British army, and thus is cheap to buy due to the large surplus. The official ceremonial uniform of the ALA consists of a dark blue tunic and black trousers. The ceremonial uniform is also used for urban combat and policing.


Field camo Dress regalia Winter regalia General Field Marshall


ALA camo.png ALA dress.png ULM.png


The Akebarian Liberation Army has its own ranking system. The highest rank is the Field Marshall and can only be held by the President of the Republic of Akebar, who is currently Edvin Czuppon. The ALA currently has two Generals, Pavle Savović and Thomas Hewitt, in the Akebarian Liberation Army the rank of General is the second highest and is subordinate to only the Field Marshall.


  • Private/Dünädan

Non-commissioned Officers

  • Corporal/Kaporan
  • Sergeant/Särjan

Commissioned officers

  • Lieutenant/Liötan
  • Captain/Kapiten
  • Major/Mayor
  • Colonel/Konulan
  • General/General
  • Field Marshal/Krigamaredal