Great Socialist Union of Adjikistan

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Great Socialist Union of Adjikistan
The Offical national flag of the GSUD.jpgCoat of arms of the Soviet Union.svg.png

Powerful and Prosperous Nation
The Patriotic song (Aegukka)
(Location of Aiji within England)
Capital cityAiji
Largest cityAiji
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentCommunist single party state
- ChairmanHarry Fitzpatrick
- PremierAlex (Lurk Federation)
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
Established31 May 2011
Area claimed0.0004 sq km
CurrencyAdjikistani dollar
Time zone(UTC)
National dishRoast Chicken

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The Great Socialist Union of Adjikistan was a socialist micronation founded as a result of a schism in the government of a nation known as Utopia in October 2011, and was a protectorate of the Empire of Austenasia. Adjikistan was a successor state to Amir and to the original incarnation of Monovia, and is a predecessor state of the current sovereign state of Monovia.

On 18 November later that year, Adjikistan was renamed the Republic of Libertas, and transitioned into a multi-party democratic nation.


Adjikistan can trace its history to the nation of Monovia, founded on 31 May 2011 by Harry Fitzpatrick, its original, current, and so far only head of state. Monovia joined a nation called Utopia in late August 2011, and became known as Amir in early September. On 8 October, the region of Adjikistan conquered the rest of Amir and extended its authority over some surrounding British territory, founding the current Great Socialist Union of Adjikistan.

On 20 October 2011, it was announced that negotiations between Adjikistan and the Empire of Austenasia were underway to establish Adjikistan as an autonomous province of the Empire. Four days later, Adjikistan became an Austenasian Protectorate, ceding responsibility for its defence and foreign affairs to the Imperial government.

On 23 October, a movement arose claiming imperial status for the Great Socialist Union, and attempted to found an Empire of Adjikistan. Although the Adjikistani government briefly claimed the status of an a empire, this was renounced on 9 November when the communist government took back control of the nation. In a attempt to calm political instability, the government of Adjikistan transformed the nation into the Republic of Libertas a mere nine days later.

Government and politics

Adjikistan was a communist single party state, under the complete control of Chairman Harry Fitzpatrick. Despite this, the Adjikistani government claimed that human rights such as the freedom of speech are respected and ensured. Private companies and media were permitted as long as they followed government guidelines.

The following organisations were banned within Adjikistan:

Foreign relations

The Adjikistani government was highly critical of foreign involvement in wars. Adjikistan was a strong believer in the right to secession, and condemned the Morrocan occupation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Adjikistan recognised the following partially recognised nations (bold indicates mutual recognition):


Adjikistan was based in a small area near the British town of Sheffield, Aiji (formerly known as Jigme). Adjikistan also claimed two other "dependent territories": Northern Pashema and Adjikistani Antarctica. Aiji was the center of Adjikistani life with a cafe, hospital, and government compound.


Representative Residents

Harry Fitzpatrick 5
Northern Pashema

Gavin Wettmore 2
Adjikistani Antarctic Territory none 0

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