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1st Emperor of Aeternia
Assumed office
20 August 2016
Preceded byOffice established
Personal details
CitizenshipEmpire of Aeternia

Emperor AP is the Emperor of the Empire of Aeternia. He resides in the United States and is cajun. He is known for growing a large community on YouTube through the Empire of Aeternia's YouTube channel which is a growing channel on micronationalism. The most successful videos that have more than 1000 views include Emperor AP talking about different aspects of micronationalism, such as economy and war. It also includes diplomatic visits to a currently inactive micronation called Parkastopia. He has gained many supporters due to his advanced knowledge of micronationalim and his YouTube members have made him an important part of the micronational community. He aims to grow his micronation by purchasing land and make micronational content more accessible.