40 minutes war

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The 40 minutes war was a war fought between The Most Serene Peoples Democratic Republic of the Provinces and Greater Confederates of Henristan and an unnamed faction. It was mostly fought as a war over a small disputed piece of land in a Macon, Ga city park which Henristan claimed as Coleman Hill Territory.

Fort Jenkins Ambush and First Wave

The war began when The unnamed faction ambushed Henristani troops at the Fort Jenkins arsenal. After this ambush a squadron of five soliders advanced forth towards the Faction at which a rock was thrown. Once the rock had been thrown Premier Dr. Henry Blankenship J.D. whom was present at Fort Jenkins at the time of attack and officially declared war. Once the war declaration had been issued 7 men and Premier Blankenship Marched forth up a hill known as Coleman hill where the attackers were located.

Battle on Coleman Hill and Rock Artillery Ambush

As Henristani troops topped the hill they were met by several sharpened sticks being thrown from the Unnamed Faction. Once all of the sticks were thrown Henristani troops charged in and threw the sticks back at the Faction. This triggered the factions retreat and what was thought of to be the end of the war with Henristani victory. But as Premier Blankenship walked to get a treaty signed he was ambushed by rocks. This caused his retreat back to Fort Jenkins where an artillery ambush ensued. At this Henristani troops returned fire for about two minutes until realizing they were outnumbered surrendered.

Treaty of Coleman Hill and Aftermath

Following the surrender of Henristani forces a verbal treaty was signed saying that Henristan no longer held rights to Coleman Hill as a territory. This marked the beginning of a long period in which Henristan attempted to regain the land which it still hasn't to this day. Now Henristan still claims the hill despite treaties and other third parties blocking them from reclaiming it.