2019 Manstein coup d'état

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The 2017 Manstein coup d'état also simply know as the Manstein coup was a military overthought of the then Kenny Government. The military wanted more say in government affairs and his majesty Grand Duke William denied the Military. This 3 day skirmish ended with dissolution of government and the Chancellor, Patrick Kenny and the Duke, William the 1st, being tired to a chair and demanded to surrender. The coup lead by Air Marshall Weatherald created complete disarray in the government and dissolved the Grand Dutchy of Australand and created a Australand Military Junta.

The Command Soap Opera Before the coup, many meetings happened between the Grand Duke and military. The military wanted a new budget to allow then to create a better equipped air force, the Duke strongly agreed. The Grand Duke then went to Chancellor Patrick Kenny to discuss the military increase, the civilian government with Kenny as leader rejected the proposal sighting that any increase in military budget would take away from the government programs.

When at the next Duchy Conference 2018, the new military budget was introduced without an increase, but an decrease in funds. All three military representatives walked out in protest. The Duke wanting to keep the military on his side called Inspector General Tilson to discuss the tension between the Military and Civilian department. Tilson told the Duke the only way would be to replace the Head of the Air force with more conservative leader. The Duke disagreed and ignored the advice. But this meeting was written into the minutes and was reviewed by the chancellor. The chancellor haven't been told not to do as the memorandum said replaced Air Marshall Weathered with Drone Leader Kershaw.

The Grand Duke and the Chancellor while out for a walk were ponced by the old Air Marshall and the two other Military leader and disloyal battalion of infantry. The Coup had begun.