2019 Baustralia budget

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2019 (2019) Baustralia budget
Royal Arms of Baustralia (His Royal Government).svg
PresentedFriday 20 September 2019
PartyConservative Party
Total revenueᛒ0·00 BUB
Total expendituresᛒ93·05 BUB
Program Spendingᛒ660·23 BUB

The 2019 Baustralian budget was presented by John I, to the Parliament of Baustralia on Friday, 20 September 2019. Stated in the Speech from the Throne, it says that ᛒ660·23 BUB will be spent by the end of the session with a set amount given to each office. Written by the Second Timpson ministry, it was adopted by the McGrath ministry and also by the Third Timpson ministry.


Expenditure Spending Spent Remainder
Physical government flags and lapel pins ᛒ105·48 BUB ᛒ0·00 BUB ᛒ105·48 BUB
Military spending to uniforms and clothing for Baustralia ᛒ178·00 BUB ᛒ26·67 BUB ᛒ151·33 BUB
Website ᛒ174·00 BUB ᛒ66·39 BUB ᛒ107·61 BUB
Other ᛒ102·75 BUB ᛒ0·00 BUB ᛒ102·75 BUB
Total ᛒ660·23 BUB ᛒ93·05 BUB ᛒ567·18 BUB