2016 Royal Futsal Cup

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2016 Royal Futsal Cup
Logo of the 2016 Royal Futsal Cup
Tournament details
Host countryFlag of Serbia.png Serbia
Dates5 July 2016
Venue(s)(in 1 host city)

The 2016 Royal Futsal Cup will be the first edition of the Royal Futsal Cup, and will be hosted in Serbia. It needed be organised by Corian Futsal Association. Tournament abandoned at 25 June 2016, due to creaton of IFFA Cup.


Participants Confirmed by the CFA

CoriaFlag.png Coria
Flaggyflag.png Occitania
Flag of Serbia.png Serbia (Ritopek U14)
Serbica.png Serbica


Knockout Stage


  Semifinals Final
 Serbica.png Serbica    
 CoriaFlag.png Coria    
     Winner Match 2  
   Winner Match 1  
Third place
 Flag of Serbia.png Serbia (Ritopek U14)    Loser Match 1  
  Flaggyflag.png Occitania      Loser Match 2  

Third place match