2016 Danilovgrad expedition

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2016 Danilovgrad offensive
Gains made by pro-Daljam forces
DateOctober 27, 2016
Danilovgrad and surrounding villages

Daljamš victory

  • Danilovgrad, Gruda, Jastreb and Kosić surrendered to Daljam
  • Daljamš forces capture southern Kopito from anarchist forces
Greater Reich of Daljam.png State of Daljam
Local supporters

Anarchist flag.png Anarchists of Kopito

Unopposed in other areas
Commanders and leaders
Greater Reich of Daljam.png Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA (WIA) Anarchist flag.png Nikola Milosevic
20 10

The 2016 Dalinovgrad expedition, code-named Operation Cobra by the certain elements of the Pavlovian government, was a expedition launched by the State of Daljam to annex Danilovgrad and surrounding villages from local pro-Montenegrin factions that took place on the morning of October 27, 2016. The Daljamš forces succeeded in annexing Danilovgrad and four surrounding villages. This expedition was not sanctioned by the Imperial Government in Kolchaksaray



On the morning of October 27, 2016, the Impera and Bös units were placed under the command of Daljam viceroy Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA and ordered to leave their base in Daljam and departed for Jastreb. By 11:37 CET, Daljamš forces had peacefully took full control of Jastreb following the surrender of local opposition militants. Following the capture of Jastreb, Daljamš forces moved from Jatsreb to Novo Selo to resupply for an further move on Kosić. After the short stay in Novo Selo, the Daljamš forces marched onto Kosić where they met a local pro-Montenegrin leader who surrendered to Daljam. After the annexation of Kosić and Jastreb, Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA contacted Baron Hasan Tradthar-i-falur to confirm that Daljam had took control of the two villages. The Daljamš forces then occupied Gruda before planning to attack Kopito. The Daljamš forces transfered five troops to Kosić to defend against any counter-attack.

The Daljamš forces slowly marched towards Kopito, expecting Kopito to fall as easily as the other villages did. However, while crossing a bridge near Kopito, Daljamš forces were encircled by ten anarchist. In an attempt to break the encirclement, Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA charged at one group of anarchists and managed to succeed in escaping the quagmire. The Daljamš forces then pushed the anarchist back and entered Kopito. Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA managed to capture half of Kopito before a temporary ceasefire was agreed.

Both sides in Kopito agreed to continue the ceasefire and Daljamš forces moved north towards Danilovgrad. Upon hearing the news of the capture of the other villages, militants in Danilovgrad immediately surrendered to the Daljamš forces. Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA quickly declared the expedition successful and informed the Pavlovian government on the victory.