1.SSD State

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State of SSD- SSD Devleti (Turkish)

'27 march 2019 — 12 november 2019

1.reich bayrak 2.png1reicharma.png

"Yaşasın SSD!"
"Long live SSD!"
Vel Gudüsil Yar"
Official religion(s)Islam
GovernmentAuthoritarian rule
- Leader1.Alperen Yaşar

2.Orçun Aslan

3.B.Kerem (de facto)
Established27 March 2019
CurrencyTurkish lira

1.SSD or officially named State of SSD is the first established SSD State. The main Founder is Alperen Yaşar. This state was abolished with the establishment of Sakatlar Organization on 12 November 2019. This state had its own newspaper, entrance document, civil registry and ministries.


Over time, the state began to lose its power. Orçun Aslan, the 2nd President of the state, established the Zakat Organization. Many administrators of the state also transferred to this new organization and the 1st State was dissolved.



İmage Name Administrator Duration of existence Purpose
K.b 1.reich.png Ministry of customs B.Kerem 27 March 2019-12 November 2019 Controlling entrances and exits. Issuing identity and documents to members
1.REİCH İSTİHABARAT B.png Ministry of intelligence B.Kerem 27 March 2019-12 November 2019 Hiding state affairs and covering up events
1.REİCH İB.png Ministry of Communications B.Kerem 27 March 2019-12 November 2019 Conveying messages and giving Intelligence.M
Adalet b.png Ministry of Justice Alperen Yaşar 27 March 2019-12 November 2019 To protect domestic justice.
1.REİCH SB.png Ministry of Defense Alperen Yaşar 27 March 2019-12 November 2019 Managing the country's internal and external operations


The ministry that led the army was the Ministry of Defence. And Alpha Tim was doing these operations.