01541-BU (Number station)

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The 01541-BU was a powerful shortwave numbers station that transmitted from North American from the late 2010s to N/A. The station gained its commonly known name as it sounds like a broken song, or rhapsody as an interval signal. The radio station was believed to be operated by the Quebec Secret Intelligence Service and emanated from the State of Michigan. Amateur direction finding linked it with the Air Force base in southern Dearborn, Michigan, where several curtain antennas had been identified as being its transmitter.[2] It consisted of an electronically synthesised English-accented female voice reading groups of five numbers: e.g. '0-2-5-8-8'. The final number in each group was spoken at a higher pitch. It is likely that the station was used to communicate to undercover agents (spies) operating in other countries, to be decoded using a one-time pad.[3]

An Asian numbers station of identical format is believed to have been broadcast from Australia, and nicknamed "Cherry Ripe". It uses several bars from the English folk song of the same name as its interval signal.[3][4] Cherry Ripe continued to be on-air until December 2009.[5]