United Republics of Wolfpond

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United Republics of Wolfpond

26 March 2015 — 22 June 2015

Wolfpond Flag.png

Glory to Wolfpond, Glory to the Star!
United Kingdom
Capital cityWolfpond City - Dynamic (Based on where the current Chairman lives)
Largest citySteřadon
Official language(s)No State Language
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameWolfpond
DemonymWolfpondian - Wolfpondic
Chairman Liam Raymond
First Minister Rory
LegislatureWorker's Council
Established26 March 2015
Area claimed3.5 Acres
National sportVideo Games
National animalWolf


The United Republics of Wolfpond was a micronation founded on the 26th March, 2015. It is a democracy, and the current ruling party is the Worker's Party, who make up 60% of the Workers Council. It was succeeded by the Archduchy of Kelman on 22 June 2015.


Wolfpond comes from an old Minecraft village that Chairman Liam Raymond and Minister of Trade Callum created in 2011. The village was named Wolfpond due to there being a pond, and Callums love of Wolves. The name was adopted as the name of the micronation in the month of March, 2015.


Early History and MNTO

The very first "Wolfpond" was created in 2011 on a Minecraft Server. It was then recreated in every server that Chairman Liam Raymond and Minister of Trade Callum went on. In 2015, it was created into a micronation. Early on in Wolfponds history, it was a communist state called the United Socialist Republics of Wolfpond, but due to high civil unrest it was changed into a democracy and renamed to the United Republics of Wolfpond. United Republics of Wolfpond joined forces with the MNTO on May 24, 2015. After the NG vs Bellino dispute happened within the MNTO, Chairman Liam became President. A day or two after becoming president Chairman disbanded the failing organization stating that the organisation could not go on limping around like this.

American Byzantium

Wolfpond, suffering from inactivity, became known as the Archduchy of Kelman when it became a member state of the newly formed American Byzantium. Lacobus the Nord, leader of the Kingdom of Higgsbury (The head state and predecessor of American Byzantium), won over negotiations with Nedland involving Kelman's allegiance. Kelman was then vassalised by Higgsbury, thus becoming a state/province of American Byzantium and officially disbanding Wolfpond.

Government and politics

Wolfpond is split into two political parties as of the 26th of May. These two parties are the Workers Party and Unitel. As more people join, more parties are being planned and will soon be registered. Elections take place once a year on the 26th of March, and end on the 5th of April, ten days later. The voting starts on the 1st of April and end on the 3rd, with counting of the votes taking place on the 4th. The winner is then announced the day after. So far, no elections have taken place, as Liam Raymond was named the de facto Chairman as he was the main founder of Wolfpond.

The Worker's Council will start meeting once a month, and will discuss laws, policies, etc.

Foreign relations

Wolfpond is part of the MNTO, and the Worker's Party is also part of the International of Left Parties.



A Wolfpond Aeronautics and Space Department (WASD) exists on paper, but has never ran any official tests, apart from paper airplanes. Future plans for model airplanes and model rockets are on paper, but the WASD lacks sufficient funding. An Armed Forces is not planned, and neither is a navy. WASD is currently lead by Minister Josh, who is also the minister of Military. WASD is Wolfponds only company, as Josh is the CEO of it; it is also nationalised.

Geography and climate

Wolfpond has 3 acres of measurable land, which consists of farm land. It shares the same climate as the North West of England (Rain and Clouds mostly)


Wolfpond's national sport is Video Games, more specifically Minecraft. A large arena is planned to be constructed, as well as a Hunger Games map. (On Minecraft, that is.) Religion isn't really discussed much in Wolfpond as the state is secular, but a large part of the population is Catholic. However, there are several atheist members, including Chairman Liam Raymond himself!


Wolfpond's favourite band, as of 2015, is The Cog is Dead. Other than that, most Wolfpondic Citizens don't listen to much music


Wolfpond News is the only news organisation, and has a blog on the official website of Wolfpond to post news updates