Waya Confederation

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The Waya Confederation
Coat of arms
Motto: People of Peace and Power
File:Great Lakes region
Largest cityAcoma
Official languagesEnglish
EstablishmentJanuary 23, 2013
• Census
CurrencyUnited States Dollar
Time zone-5 Eastern

 The Waya Confederation, sometimes refereed to as the Waya Confederacy, was a landlocked micronation based on ancient civilizations. The micronation was located near the Great Lakes area. Waya sought to bring back the traditions and cultures of the ancient civilizations.


The Waya Confederacy is sometimes referred to as the Waya Confederation or many times just Waya. Waya comes from the Cherokee word "ᏩᏯ" meaning "wolf." It was named after the national animal.

The name was inspired by the Confederacy


Waya has two demonyms: Waya and Wayan. This has caused some confusing among people. Both are taken from tradition. The Waya demonym is taken from the tradition of Native American.tribes (i.e.  Cherokee or Lakota), while the Wayan demonym is taken from more modern (i.e. African or Asian).


Waya was officially established on January 24, 2013 by Huff and Ford. 


Waya was founded on the principles of bringing back traditions of old from the Native American tribes and creating new traditions. The three Poleis, which at the time were referred to as cities, were [[w:Acoma_Pueblo Acoma], Aztala, and [1]]. Each named after a Native American city that once existed.

Shortly after its foundation, Waya was reformed as a micronation based upon multiple ancient civilizations. With this reformation, the cities of Cahokia and Aztalan were reformed into the Poleis of Aventine and Toro. Aventine was to be based upon the ancient Romans from the late Republican era to the early Imperial era and was named after the [[w:Aventine_Hill Aventine Hill]. Toro, originally named Kudara which was changed to have more historically accuracy, was to be based upon ancient Japan to feudal Japan and is named for an archaeological reconstruction of an ancient village. Nebo was added as a Poleis on February 6. It was to be based upon Ancient Israel according to history and tradition and was named after Mt.|Nebo].

On May 2, 2013, the Waya Confederacy reverted to its original policy of being based upon sole Native American culture and traditions rather than Ancient civilizations in general. On May 24, the Waya Confederacy was disestablished and the next day the Republic of Aetos was established.


The Armed Militia of the Waya Confederacy was the official military of Waya. It was a pure volunteer military system.

The military mostly used hunting equipment such as hunting rifles, shotguns, and crossbows or household items such as knives and axes.

The Armed Militia were also the police and fire departments of Waya.


The culture of Waya reflected modern and ancient cultures. The culture was influenced by the Native Americans it is based on. Keeping old traditions was very popular and important in Waya. 

Waya had its own national holidays . Some were taken from other cultures while some are unique. 

Religion in Waya was mostly defined as Christian.


The cuisine of Waya was based upon ancient and modern cuisine, mostly the Roman and Native American cuisines. Many foods were often mixed to create new dishes. 

The national dish

The national cuisine was Southern Succotash, a pinto bean and corn dish made with ham. The national drink was sassafras tea which usually is made while camping in Waya.