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This template is useful for user signatures to circumvent SUBST.

Use this template in Special:Preferences in the Signature field:


Detailed Help

If you'd like a signature that is dynamically updated, i.e., one that displays every signature you've ever left on the wiki as your current signature, here's how:

  1. Create a subpage for your signature. You can use mine as an example: User:sp/sig
    NOTE: Please don't attempt to overwrite it: Copy the raw code to your own subpage.
  2. Go to your "My preferences" page (near the top right of your screen), and in the "Signature" entry box add {{SUBST:nosubst|User:YourUsername/sig}}, inserting your own usernname, of course.
  3. Tick the "Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link)" checkbox just below it, and you're done!
  4. Use the 4-tildes or signature button to use your saved signature in talk page messages.

Note to Sysops

Ambox warning yellow.png I am not an orphan!—For an example, see Template:Nosubst

While this may appear to be an unused file or template, it is either linked via a direct external / text link, part of a random image subroutine, linked to MediaWiki configuration files, or is otherwise used in a manner that is difficult to detect.

Sysops: Please do not delete this file without verifying that it is really not needed. Contact the original contributor for details.