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Premier Major of Leo
Tau Barclay
Premier Major of Leo
in office
23 November 2020 - present
Predecessor Moustapha Hotiet
Successor incumbent
Chancellor of Elysium
in office
31 October 2019 - 6 December 2019
Predecessor Robert Smith
Successor Kyle Smith
Deputy Chancellor of Elysium
in office
12 August - 2 September 2019
Emperor Robert Smith
Predecessor Xavier Jackson
Successor Adam Johnston
Emperor of Elysium
in office
25 July 2019(13:25-14:02 EST)
Predecessor Robert Smith
Successor Robert Smith

Tau Barclay is a Leosian politician currently serving his fourth term as Premier Major of Leo, in addition to holding the position Duke Tau of Ilus of Hrafnarfjall, in addition to others. He was formerly Chancellor and Crown Prince of Elysium. Some of his most notable work includes founding the Republic of Leo. He has advocated for strong personal freedoms and smaller government. Both of those beliefs were critical to building a strong support base that has since helped him secure election results for both himself and his followers. He has served in multiple other micronations, notably, as Emperor and King of Ibis, Ruyan of Ruayano, and Genesis Council Member of Arkovia, and Minister of Promatia. He is self-identified as a classical liberal.

Premiership of Leo

Tau served his first term as Premier Major of Leo from 28 July 2019 to 30 August 2019. Under his leadership, Leo was established and developed. Later on, Tau led the independence movement of Leo from Elysium and fought Robert Smith of the Ely-Enter Party for the Premiership of Leo. Tau became the Premier Major of the Republic of Leo on January 6, 2020. Leo has grown under his guidance strongly. He reformed the nation, decreasing the number of positions and placing a heavy focus on developing the economy and the Leo Aeris, the currency of the Republic of Leo. He has enjoyed strong approval ratings and a large base of support. Later on, he was re-elected in March before he left the nation in late March. In November, he helped restart Leo and was elected to the position of Premier Major on 25 November (27 November formal), and began his fourth term as Premier Major. On 6 January 2021 he changed his legal last name in Leo from Smith to Barclay. His policy and Premiership has been generally well received, however, there have been some controversies such as the November Crisis and the Flag Issue.

Political affiliation

At the beginning of his political career in Elysium, Tau was defined as an independent. This quickly changed, as he founded the Libertarian Party of Elysium on June 6, 2019. The Libertarian Party began as a small party, however, with strong leadership and the relative novelty of the new political party, it grew quickly. The party soon encompassed some of the most powerful Elysium politicians, including Xavier I, Sir Adam the Legislator, and Tau himself. However, despite the political strength of the party, the voter base and citizens registered as Libertarians were proportionally lower than the relative power of the party. This prevented the party from gaining any significant and large positions such as the Chancellorship. The growth plateaued, and formerly powerful members had left the party. On 8 September 2019, the Progressive Party merged with the Libertarian Party to form the Libertarian-Progressive Party, which later went on to become the largest party in Elysium briefly before the Democratic Traditionalist saw a revival, with Tau serving as the co-Chair of the Party. The party was short-lived, however, as Tau resigned from the chair on 10 October 2019. On 12 October 2019, Tau announced he would be founding the Reformist Party of Elysium with Emperor Robert. Tau was the co-Chair of the Reformist Party of Elysium, which was the largest party in Elysium at the time. He quit in response to the Vox Populi scandal. In Leo, Tau was formerly the chair of the Bourbon Party before his departure. In November 2020, Tau brought together the Neo-Leo Council to found Leo once more and is currently an Independent caucusing with the Neo-Leo Caucus.

Chancellorship of Elysium

Tau I was named Chancellor of Elysium after his predecessor, Kyle I, resigned unexpectedly on 2 September 2019. He was quick to take action, beginning by presenting a slew of bills to create economic reforms and introduce taxes to Elysium. These changes were generally welcomed, however, some people were wary of a micronation charging taxes. His active work slowed down but continued to include some large reforms, such as cabinet structure changes and beginning the process to create a stronger digital presence. Tau won the October 2019 election by a 23% margin to remain Chancellor. He was generally looked upon favourably as a strong leader and good legislator during his tenure as Chancellor. Tau announced he did not intend to run in the next election on December 2, 2019, and resigned to hold an election on December 6, 2019. His involvement in the Vox Populi scandal, in addition to the possibility that he leaked the documents, led him to be exiled at his own request from Elysium, where he was largely frowned upon. Tau has since made up with Emperor Robert, but he is still not popular in Elysium. On 28 December 2020, Tau publicly renounced all affiliation with Elysium including his citizenship.