Islamic Shahdom of Squidwardia

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Islamic Shahdom of Squidwardia
Squidwardia flag.pngSquidwardia coatofarms.png

The great nation of Squidwardia will rule the world
Svalbard, Norway
Capital cityIslambul
Largest cityIslambul
Official language(s)Fuyü Gïrgïs
Official religion(s)Sami shamanism
GovernmentIslamic Shahdom
LegislatureWarlord Council of squidWards and Sami Shamanists
CurrencyIsraeli Shekel
National sportFootball
National animalDuck

The Islamic Shahdom of Squidwardia is a micronation located in Svalbard, Norway. It is an Islamic Shahdom, ruled by the almighty Shahanshah Muhammed al-Squidward. It is a great nation, full of happy people who have lots of fun together in the sunny weather of Svalbard.