Socialist Federal Republic of Micronations

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Socialist Federal Republic of Micronations
Motto: Go Forward
Official languagesEnglish, Welsh
GovernmentSocialist Federal Republic, One party State
• Current leader
President Roberts
• Foundation

The Socialist Federal Republic of Micronations is a micronation landlocked by the Principality of Wales. It claims areas around its citizens’ homes as well as a small island upon which it has mounted its flag by use of the navy and a storage facility. It was founded by President Roberts in July 2008.

Territorial republics

The Nation is comprised of six Socialist Republics.

  • Socialist Republic of Ceidonia
  • Socialist Republic of Roberts'
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Davis'
  • Socialist Federal Republic of New Israel
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Rees'
  • Socialist Federal Republic of SL


The Federal People's Army is an elite force as far as the micronational community is concerned.[citation needed] The Federal People's Army consists of 8 soldiers each equipped with Airsoft guns and pellet grenades. The Federal People's Airforce consists of 3 RC helicopters, each capable of carrying a single pellet grenade each at a time. The Federal People's Navy consists of two boats with mounted Airsoft guns. The Federal People's Rocket Division Has six rockets that may be used as part of a proposed space programme.

Each Republic has its own territorial defence forces whose strength varies depending on republic.

Legislature and elections

The SFRM has an official legislature, known as the Supreme People's Assembly. Elections are organized often for Presidential and Legislature positions.

Foreign affairs

The SFRM currently has relations and it is open to them and if anyone would like to sign a Mutual Recognition Treaty or alliance then the SFRM is open to it and it plans on seeking OAM membership.


The Socialist Federal Republic of Micronations is a Socialist/Communist/Social Ownership economy which does incorporate some Capitalism. Small businesses consisting of four or less employees are allowed to be privately owned and they pay 25% tax on their incomes. Middle sized companies are socially owned and ihey are taxed 25% or 50% depending on exact earning and large companies are controlled by the State including the People's Gold Mining Agency. Tax brackets apply though all profits go to government.

The SFRM uses the Federal Dinar as currency. This in turn is split in to a Hundred Para. Workers are paid in a mixture of both Dinar and GBP.


The Federal Republic has a YouTube channel from which the president makes addresses.


The Socialist Federal Republic of Micronations is Socialist.