Savignoian Revolution

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Savignoian Revoluition
Date1–16 September 1998
  • Foundation of the Senate
    *End of the Aristocracy
    *Brunetti and Giovanni join the senate
Anarchist flag.png Democratic Republic of Savigno Savigno.png Republic of Savigno
Commanders and leaders
Anarchist flag.png Marino Brunetti
Anarchist flag.png Emielo Brunetti
COA Savingo.png Niccolò Parmumati
Savigno.png Flippo Olav
Savigno.png Manuel de Argon
Red Brigade
Armed Forces

The Savignoian Revolution was a civil uprise which took place in the Republic of Savigno since the evening of September 1, 1998 and until September 16th. It began after a motion when Doge Niccolò Parmumati declare himself Doge for life The rebellion is started by the Brunetti Family the Brunetti-dominated North Savigno declared inderpendence as the Democratic Republic of Savigno with Marino Brunetti as Doge and Emielo Brunetti (current head of the Brunetti) as minister

The loyalist side was led by Niccolò Parmumati and most of the members of the Parmumati family and military commander Flippo Olav. The rebels, on the other hand, also known as the newly-created Democratic Republic of Savigno , received the support of the Brunetti and Giovanni, led by Following the partially successful uprise, Savigno was left divided as supporters of the existing Oligarchic government fought the forces of the new "Democratic" faction for control of the country. As of mid-September no real change was made, and the capital of ,Savigno Savigno, was split into two sectors, each of those controlled by one side.

Battle of Savingo

On the afternoon of September 11,Self-proclaimed doge Marino Brunetti and an armed group of rebels opened fire (with an airsoft gun) against an Loyalist soldier of the Army in Loyal territory.Soon after, the Loyalist Army and Doge suporter counterattacked using airsoft guns as well. At the end of the battle the Rebels surrendered to the Doge Armed Forces .Alhough Flippo Olav was the Chief of Army and Vice President of the Savignoian Republic, he confessed that the group did not act in name of their Republic. All the rebels involved in the battle were arrested by the Loyalist Armed Forces.Marino Brunetti was later released, and together with Niccolò Parmumati later wrote a treaty of surrender. This part of the battle still remains uncertain, as the rebels and in particular Brunetti , claim that Olav never signed a document of armistice.


Dissolution of the Democratic Republic of Savigno in exchance of seats in the senate of Brunetti and Giovanni families also Savigno become a democracy