Holy Sifanix Empire

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The Holy Sifanix Empire is one of Japan's micronations.

We are active mainly in Kyoto.

name Holy Sifanix Empire


emperor Citrub von Sifanix I
Prime Minister Sinidolf Shidler
Reichsmarschall Sylman Sealing
Motto The great power of Mt. Hiei
Political system Constitutional monarchy
capital city シンタリテイム
Largest city  デフンステイム
National emblem


Sifanix Empire Constitution

Holy Sifanix Empire Constitution

・ Article 1 Emperor

The Emperor of the Sifanix Empire can only be crowned with half the approval of the Imperial Diet. The Emperor of the Sifanix Empire can only take effect if the bill passed by the Parliament is approved by the Emperor's Ordinance. .. The Emperor can appoint an ambassador-The Emperor regularly convenes the Privy Councilors House of Representatives House of Peers and is responsible for the politics of the Empire. Empire Emperor has the right to amend the Constitution

・ Article 2 National Defense

The Holy Sifanix Imperial Army consists of the Army Guards, commanded by the Imperial Army Reichsmarschall. The Imperial Guard can be commanded only when the emperor takes direct command and the military is delegated command by the emperor. The training of Imperial military officers is carried out at the National Defense University in Sigererk for one month.

・ Article 3 Religion

Imperial state religion is defined as four-way religion. Religious issues with each country are under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Ministry of God


2019 December The empire was founded in December 2019.


2021 Decided to adopt unilateralism.

Established Four-way Great Alliance.

Government details

Emperor Citole Buffon Sifanix I

  • All politicians are the emperor himself.

Prime Minister Sinidorf Sidler

Reichsmarschall Sylman Sealing

Cifanix Socialist Patriotic Frontline Leader Current President of the Three Houses Dacareus Fantales Constitutional Monarchy,

minister of Foreign Affairs, Sittentrop

Minister of Defense Shiroreran

Minister of Land, Infrastructure,

Transport and Tourism Wakairal

Meteorological Agency Secretary Eligillarell

Meteorological Observatory Director Kwaleban

House of Representatives Chairman Faretasel

Defense Commissioner Seal Shenson

House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Chairman Mr. Shinro,

Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee Earthquake Research Institute Director Fudewasel

Motto and Principle


The great power of Mt. Hiei


Unilateralism of Sifanix

Four-way empire

state religion

state religion

Four-way religion

Siphanics Unilateralism

Unilateralism in the empire is due to the following items in the Siphanics empire:

・ Recognize the independence of Japanese micronations and do not intervene.

・ Declare no intervention in wars between other countries.

-Only if the above is accepted, it is regarded as a threat of peace in the Siphanics Empire.

・ I do not want to expand the territory any more.

-Approve existing colonies and territories in the empire and do not interfere.

Administrative division

・ State of Shikatra (演習場)

・ Wallexel State「Meteorological station」

・ Imperial capital Syntalitym

・ Defunstem (The capital of the four-way empire)