Royal Coat of Arms of the Empire of Wellington

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Royal Coat of Arms of the Empire of Wellington
Lesser arms of Wellington, as seen on standards, peerage arms, and decorations
ArmigerZebrin I in Right of Wellington
AdoptedAugust 23rd, 2019
MottoTrinitate Fortitudo

The royal coat of arms of Wellington, or the Royal Arms for short, are the official coat of arms of the Emperor of Wellington , Zebrin I. These arms are used by the King as the monarch of the Kingdom of Baustralia. There are other Royal Arms for different members of nobility or members of the Wellington Royal Family. The alternative to this that is used more often to display a presence of the emperor is the Royal Standard of the Emperor.


The Royal Arms were created and implemented on the 22nd of August, 2019, by Emperor of Wellington , Zebrin I alongside multiple other coat of arms. The Coat of Arms were created so that it is for use by the Emperor of Wellington or any institution, organization, viceroy, or royal representative that is given the right to bear them on the emperors behalf.

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