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The Republic of Westavia was declared an independent country by Steve Smith (User:Stephensmith), its first and only President, in 1965. Westavia had previously been a state within the Union of Confederate States.

The republic's claimed territory consisted of 6 or 7 residential lots and houses, as well as some empty land -- "the Wasteland"—in the Dauphin Acres neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama. Its populaton was perhaps between 15 and 25. Its capital was Steve's bedroom in his house at the corner of Ralston Road and Poydras Avenue.

Shortly after independence, Westavia joined briefly with the nation of Gristerra in the Federation of Gristerra and Westavia, an alliance formed to oppose the nation of Wasserland and its claims to the Wasteland, among other issues.

Following the conclusion of the Wasserland conflict, Westavia embarked on an ambitious program of cultural and national development. Steve Smith created a Westavian language, complete with its own dictionary. He also created a system of Westavian currency, the basic unit being a "desme," equivalent to 10 cents American. Neither the language nor the money took hold, though—the former, because no one besides Steve wanted to learn it; the latter, because no one wanted to deposit dimes into the Westavian treasury in exchange for the paper desmes that Steve issued.

Westavia's national symbols included the anole (Carolina anole or American "chameleon") and the mourning dove, both of which were abundant in the country. Images of these creatures appeared on Westavia's official seals, flags, maps, etc., as well as on the money. Unfortunately no examples of these have survived.

Westavia underwent two territorial changes of note during its existence:

1) Steve's brother Randy declared secession, firmly proclaiming his bedroom to be a part of the United States. Stated reason: "Your whole Westavia thing is stupid."

2) To counter the threat posed by a new neighborhood entity, the Empire of Jeff I, Steve announced that the Republic of Westavia was now the Westavian Empire, with greatly enlarged boundaries. When the Empire of Jeff I dissolved, Steve returned Westavia to its previous boundaries and declared it to be a republic again.

The Republic of Westavia ceased to exist some time in 1966, its territory quietly reverting to the United States of America (though the case could be made that it is actually a part of the Dominion of British West Florida).