People's Republic of Bugatnya

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The People's Republic of Bugatnya
Flag of Republic of Bugatnya.png

"This is just a piece of us."
"Our Bless'ed Republic"
Capital cityBugatnya City
Largest citySufragettenberg
Official language(s)Newlandic, English & German
Official religion(s)Gükkism
DemonymDamish, Newlander, Newlandic, Bugatnian, Bugatnik
GovernmentPeople's Republic
- Acting PresidentN/A
LegislatureUNA.png Union of New Amsterdam
Established17th March 2017
Population0 (4 non-permanent residents)
CurrencyDamish Euro (DEU)
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time

The People's Republic of Bugatnya, also known as Bugatnya, was the Capital of The Empire of New Amsterdam but has now become a federal subject of Epyk, it is best known for its Park, The House of Samuel, and the Great Buda Platform, it has a population of 0 and has 4 non-permanent residents.