Kingdom of Aurum

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Kingdom of Aurum
Dehu vake Aurum

Aurum flag.pngAurum CoA.png

For God and Glory
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Capital cityNew Rome
Largest cityNew Rome
Official language(s)English, Grunkian
Official religion(s)w:Christianity
Short nameAurum
Governmentw:Absolute monarchy
- Prime MinisterVacant
- KingGunho Kim
- Chief AdvisorVacant
Area claimed1km²
Population5 (as of 2013 census)
CurrencyCanadian Dollar
Time zone(PST)
National sportHockey
National animalBald Eagle
Patron saintSt. John
This nation is a member of the United Micronational Council


Aurum is the Latin word for "gold".



The Kingdom of Aurum was the successor to the Federal Republic of Grunkia, which was dissolved in early 2013. It oversaw many achievements, but it failed to recruit many citizens, and it was dissolved.


Grunkia was repeatedly dissolved, but until the March 29 dissolution, a act passed by the President made sure that it would never come alive again. Aurum was created after one of these many dissolutions. It became independent in early January 2013, but it fell into inactivity, but was revived again. Gunho Kim became the King of Aurum.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Aurum is a semi-absolute monarchy, with the King holding much of the power, but the Prime Minister also has some powers. The King can declare war, accept alliance requests, and generally ruling the nation. The Prime Minister has the power to only approve acts that have been created by Parliament, but if the King is against the approval of a certain act, the Prime Minister cannot approve it.


The national legislature of Aurum is called Parliament. It is where the different people elected in the provinces meet and discuss about how to rule Aurum best. The King has 3 reserve seats, and MP's may hold up to two seats in Parliament.


Executive Branch

  • King: Gunho Kim
  • Prime Minister: Teddy Mr.
  • Chief Advisor: Carl

Legislative Branch

  • MP: Teddy Mr.
  • MP: Carl
  • MP: Bangcrash*

Judical Branch

  • Head Judge Of The National Court: Vacant
  • Vice Judge: Vacant
  • Deputy Judge: Vacant

Law and order

The National Court is the state court of Aurum.