Principality of Fillichio

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Principality of Fillichio
Flag De Fillichio.png
Friesholmer COA.png

"Never give up hope, for God is with us"
"A mighty fortress is our God"
A might fortress is our God
Orange, CA, Akiaki Atoll
Capital cityRose
Largest cityRose
Official language(s)Official: Italian, French, Swedish, English
Official religion(s)100% Lutheran
Short nameFillland (Fillichio)
Demonym1.3 km²
- Type - Tricameral
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - Every 3 Years
EstablishedDecember 3rd, 2014/November 23, 2015/Present Day-
Disestablished2015, Re-established
Area claimed1.9 km²
CurrencyCrown (¢)
National sportTchoukball
National dishGarlic Shrimp
National drinkCoconut Water, Fillish Tea
National animalWheaton Terrier
Patron saintEric

Fillichio, officially the Principality de Fillichio is a micronation founded in Orange County, CA for it to be a project on how a community could form into something delightful.

Entymology Fillichio is a hybrid word of Italian, French and Spanish and in the is commonly referred as in its english name, Fillland.

History The nation had a minuscule 1 day 8 hour war with the Republic of Starland, which ended with 0 reported calories. The ceremonial king is King Gurt. The country went through many cultural revolts and became Swedish-inised on 2/22/16. The country after political coups finally split into little "military gangs" that claim one or more parts of each others "territory". As of today, the nation has been reunited.

Religion Legal- Lutheranism, Non-Denomination, CatholicismFillishBoy.jpg
Young Fillish Boy

Territory It claims a small area of Orange CA, and Akiaki Atoll. Rose Capital.png
Rose Capital

Recognizes The POCOB, is recognized by and recognizes West Bir Tawil, Goatannea, Hiti, and New Starland. It has limited recognition from Molossia.

Military The national military is divided into a police force and a cadet force each around 10 personal each.

National Flag The crown represents the Prince, the yellow, the sunsets, and the white purity and strength.Oscar.png
Oscar, King Gurtʻs Personal Wheaton Terrier

Exports and Imports Filland exports bitter oranges, and Fillish Tea.FillishTea.jpeg
Fillish Tea

The Official Page is here,