People’s Republic of Gamack

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People’s republic of Gamack
Flag of Gamack
of Gamack
Coat of arms
LocationGymnasium of Angely Merici, Trnava, Slovakia
Official languages
  • Slovakian
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Hebrew
Roman Catholicism
GovernmentChristian communist semi-dictatorship
• Representative of the working class
Juraj Tatársky
• 5 star general
Karol Honzík
• Brotherly supporter of revolution
Jaroslav Gnepecký
The Council
People’s government
• Independence
9 December 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyGamackan dollar

Gamack, officially the People’s republic of Gamack, is a Christian communist micro-nation located in western Slovakia. Official Independence Day is celebrated on 9 December, as in that day during the year of 2022 it declared independence. It is ruled by the Council-3 people with the same amount of power : the president, the prime minister and representative of the working class. All 3 members of the Council swore that the last one in a relationship will inherit the absolute control over the nation.


The name of the nation was based on abbreviation of the place it is located in-Gymnasium of Angely Merici.

The meaning of the flag

  • green stands for prosperity
  • white stands for peace
  • the sword is meant to honour the deaths of our ancestors
  • red stands for revolution
  • the sickle and cross stand for the union between the working class and the church


Gamack is mainly being ruled by the Council. There are no elections and there won’t be any elections, the government stays as it is currently and the members of the Council may pick who will secede them after their exit. The laws can be proposed by the people, for that purpose there is representative of the working class to find out what laws would people wish for. After that, the Council votes if these laws should be passed or no.


It is currently being ruled by the five star general. The infantry consists of a single archer and an axeman. Due to its landlocked status, it does not have a navy and to not terrify the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, it does not have airforce neither. It has got 1 armed vehicle-GY19 which consists of box on a skateboard equipped with 2 paddles. The military also maintains a supply of gas masks in the case of emergency such as, nuclear warfare. Currently it has got a space program and a nuclear program.