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1st Commander of Space Port
Orion Reeve
1st Commander of Space Port Interplanetary Nation
Assumed office:


Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: Incumbent
Personal information
Born: 5 June 1998
Macronationality: Thailand
Micronationality Space Port Interplanetary Nation

Orion Reeve, 1st Commander of Space Port is a Thai micronationalist and founder of Space Port Interplanetary Nation, a micronation based on her home planet, Earth. She established Space Port in March 2017 to support NEXSpace Exploration, a civilian private space program and launch several research project.

Personal life

Reeve was born on 5 June 1998, in a same day that a team of Japanese and American physicists found evidence that neutrinos have mass. Her childhood was unpleasant as Reeve being severely bullied by classmates because her introvert personality.

Reeve is a laboratory assistant, amateur rocketeer and space enthusiast. Personally interested in SpaceX, Elon Musk's colonized Mars plan, United Launch Alliance and Cislunar1000. Beside science-related interested, she is also a comic artist, UX/UI and graphic designer.

Reeve is a FPS and GPS-based gamer, she play tank and defense main in Overwatch, DPS and healer in Paladins, aligned to Resistance in Ingress and Cosmo stellar in DeltaT.

Pre-Space Port micronation

Before Space Port, Reeve used to rule a small micronation take place in her home called Technostellar with the same concept to Space Port in 2015 and take role as one-man government for a week until dissolve from Reeve's burnout and no free time from studying.

Commander of Space Port

Reeve come up with an idea about space micronation again in 21 March 2017 and officially established Space Port in next 2 days.

Reeve launch several research program since establishment of Space Port, from amateur rocket to agriculture project.

Civilian space program

Reeve is one of the founder of NEXSpace Exploration, a civilian private space program based in Thailand. She working with solid/hybrid rocket engine and public relation.

Awards & Decorations

Order of Stella

For contribute to the Space Port space program and related activities. Funding and developing rocket engine and launch vehicle.