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The SCC, or Sarkese Capital Collectivity(Sarkese: Sérquaisien Kapitälis Koleßivitien), was founded on 29 June 2009, by King Oli I of Sark . It quickly became one of many Collectivities and provinces of Sark, and was chosen in February 2010 to be the capital region.

Sarkese Capital Collectivity
Sérquaisien Kapitälis Koleßvitien
Right from the heart of Sark
Full name Sarkese Capital Collectivity
Founded 29 June 2009
Official language s English, Sarkese
Recognised languages German, French



Rivers: None
Total population

- Citizens - Residents - Last census


2 '3 Next Census July 10 (Citizens) June 2011 (Residents)

Currency GBP, Euro
Proposed Internet TLD .scc.ks
City Postal Code SCC
System of weights & measures Imperial, Metric,
Date formats DD/MM/YYYYFormation


SCC was founded onn 29 June 2009, after Sark was founded. It was led by King Oli I from the very beginning. Its original population still exists as two. The Flag was chosen by King Oli I due to links with Tyrol, Austria.

Trans-Sarkese Issues

In early March 2010 the Archduke of Crosstann asked the King while in the OETs:

"If Crosstann were to secede from the Kingdom, what would you do?"

This question rose up many questions about the stability of the Kingdom and how the RSM (Royal Sarkese Military) would react. When King Oli I replied:

" I would leave it. If you want to leave the Kingdom then you can, its your choice," Christopher I replied:

" Well you didn't do that with Wezzaslovakia."

And that was the end of the conversation about the issue. == ==

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