Republic of New Attica

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Republic of Nova Attica
Nova Attica
National Flag
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Peace and life itself
Anthem: No anthem currently
and largest city
Attica City
Official languagesEnglish,Croatian
Demonym(s)New Attican
• Census
CurrencyPine Dollar

The Republic of Nova Attica is a micronation founded on the 27th of March 2013. The nation is named after the old Greek region Attica. The Government of New Attica holds open relations to many micronations and Croatian and English are the spoken languages.


The state's name was originaly planned to be Atticania.But president Marko did some changes,he renamed it into New Attica.The capital city is now being changed from Attica City to Atticania despite it's original name.


The history is quite short.President Marko found the micronation New Attica.This event happend 4 days before Easter in 2013 (on the 27 March 2013).He wanted the name to be originally Atticania. But he changed his mind and switched the name to New Attica.The capital city today is named Atticania in the honor of its old name. Before,New Attica was a single nation without regions.But the president on the 29 March 2013 splitted Nova Attica into 2 regions.Central Attica and Gardenia.Few months before the creation of New Attica, when its predcessor Malivania came into contact with the micronation Povjesna,President Marko(he was the ruler of the predcessing micronation too) decided to break up Malivania and start a new micronation.


The laws are:

  • Trash on the territory must be always cleaned up
  • If you are going out of the nation,make sure you leave with following
  • You must never lose the branch from The Holy Tree
  • Enter always trough Honey Garden
  • Always have safety items with you


The type of government is democracy.The current claimed territory is
about 800 sq. meters.There are plans for expansion in the future(in
couple of months).The government is being currently led by President Marko.There are no elections planned.


The New Attican culture is quite simple.
There are two things people must do inside the culture:

  • They must pray in front of The Holy Rock every 2 weeks
  • They must keep the branch from The Holy Tree.


The planned currency of New Attica is a pine dollar.
One pine dollar is worth about 3.50 kunas in Croatia,0.60 dollars in USA,and 0.40 pounds in England.This currency is planned.

Geography and Climate

New Attica is located in the north-eastern part of Croatia,within the county of Istra.It's placed within the town named
Pula.The nation is known for sudden weather changes,but its mostly sunny in the spring and summer.The temperatures range from
0 C° to 32 C°.Normal air pressure is about 1011 to 1018 hPa.