Micronation of Eodus (pre-2017)

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The Micronation of Eodus (pre-2017)
Motto: "Modern. Open. Democratic."
Anthem: Proposed Eodusian National Anthem The Cheerful Cavalry, Joe Hisaishi

Blue: Citizens & Territory; Green: Citizens

Scotland, England
CapitalTigh-a-Droicht, Scotland
Official languagesEnglish[citation needed]
GovernmentUnicameral Senate of 5+ Senators, with hybrid Direct Democracy
LegislatureThe Eodusian Senate
Establishment4th of April, 2016
• Census
No residents, 35 citizens
CurrencyEocoin (e)

The Micronation of Eodus is a pseudo-sovereign body which wholly respects the law of countries its territories reside ("Host Law").[1] Founded April 2016, it is the creation of Patrick Bowen which had previously attempted to create the micronation in the past, circa early 2012.[2] Its goals are to demonstrate continuous exercise of being as democratic as possible, gaining a permanent population, and diversifying its citizenry economy.[3]

History of Eodus

First thought

Eodus was an idea first shared between Patrick Bowen and his friend in Secondary School, circa 2012. The flag was instead red, green, blue, and yellow. The initial incarnation of Eodus would include all laws already addressed by a macronation, as if international land would be claimed and held[citation needed]. The domain "eodus.org" was previously purchased between the two, but lack of interest in all parties resulted in its halting of subscription.[4] After many years, Patrick begun writing a macronation constitution, but decided he was now ready to restart Eodus, successfully[citation needed].

Modern Foundation

On the 4th of April, 2016, Eodus was created as an internal website for testing by The Technology Service[citation needed], and the first instance of the Eodusian Constitution was ratified, though not installed until the 15th of June that year.[5] The first election was held just 6 days after its foundation, with only five citizens voting.[6] Soon thereafter, the website was made publicly available, though only through the use of a Dropbox html file which was updated with the latest IP address of the server[citation needed]. On the 4th of June that year, The Technology Service purchased the domain eodus.org, and configured SSL encryption along with it.[7] The first election to see Senators actually call meetings[8] was held on the 6th of June, 2016, with 73% of all Citizens declaring candidacy.[9]

State Services

The Senate

The Eodusian Senate is the elected body of citizens from each Province which act as the legislative driving force of the micronation, also heading State Services. They are the only state service which can modify the Constitution or Common Law (see Common Law). The Senate is currently made up of four (or more, based on voting circumstances[10]) Senators, elected through popular vote (see Senate Elections). The Senate uses Direct Democracy Referenda to edit protected parts of the Constitution (see Direct Democracy Referenda; see The Constitution).

The Citizen Warrant Service

The Citizen Warrant Service is a state service which handles all Citizenship tasks of Eodus, including but not limited to: the application of new citizens, changing of Citizenship password, obtaining a Citizenship Card, and giving demographical statistics.[11]

The Court

The Court is a state service which provides judicial judgment and arbitration to sentencing of Eodusian Citizens which are in violation of the Eodusian Constitution or Common Law.[12]

The Treasury

The Treasury is a state service which handles all the state-owned assets of the micronation, but also keeps record of Citizens' Eocoin accounts. Every Citizen is issued 100 Eocoin by the Treasury when they are accepted as a Citizen. The service also allows citizens to make transactions to other citizens[13] and may be able to credit external bodies in the future[citation needed].

The Referendum Service

The Referendum Service is a state service which provides the hosting and counting of various types of referenda, as posted by The Senate, to gauge the citizenry's choices on subject matters. It uses an partially-anonymous voting, allowing for a voter to change their choices right up to a referendum's deadline, while also demonstrating throughout the counting process that votes are being counted.[14] All results are legally binding[citation needed].

Senate Elections

In the event the Senate must hold an election for a new set of members, The Referendum Service posts a Single Transferable Vote (STV) referendum, in which Citizens are asked to enter four choices.[15] The results of an STV referendum are entirely viewable, and give Citizens the platform to follow their vote (and other votes) throughout the counting process.[16] Upon a tie of fourth-selected candidates, The Constitution accepts those in a tie as extra Senators[citation needed].

Direct Democracy Referenda

Direct Democracy Referenda, commonly referred to as "DDR's," are binding plurality-win referenda which are hosted by The Referendum Service. They are held for a week or more, and voted on by Citizens, where at closure are understood as a 50% total of the vote for its topic, within the Senate.[17]

The Area Conservatory

- Conservatory is a misnomer

The Guard


The Technology Service



Most of Eodus' activities, news, and information can be found on the "Eodus Web-Portal," a secure website hosted by The Technology Service, including:

  • Three news publications: The Eodusian Gazette, Guard News, Technology Service News
  • A gallery of recent photographs within the micronation
  • The ability for application of citizenship
  • The ability for Citizens to communicate in the form of a simple IM
  • The ability for Citizens to create and edit their own "Citizen Space" - a public text file
  • The ability for Citizens to post and apply to jobs and other roles
  • Historic visibility and description of constitutions
  • Historic visibility of Senate Meetings
  • The ability for Citizens to vote in Direct Democracy Referenda
  • The ability for Citizens to vote in Senate Elections
  • The ability for Citizens to credit Eocoin to other Citizens
  • The ability to render a Citizenship Card
  • The ability to verify a Citizenship Card
  • Information on all known aspects of the micronation

Service Pins

Service pins are logos of each State service of Eodus. The identify the service apart from others.

Each pin takes the trivia of the Eodusian flag, and encapsulates it using different colours and positions. The trivia of the flag is the following: red for the people, green for the land, blue for the waters, black for carbon (in the form of the power of coal, the technology of silicon, the strength of diamond)[citation needed].

  • The Senate shows all colours, with a white centre - the most neutral of all the pins, and therefore allowing its use as a generic Eodusian pin
  • The Citizen Warrant Service embodies all aspects of the micronation as origins of new Citizens, with red in the centre being its main priority
  • The Court embodies mostly black, in attempt for the justice of Citizens - the red centre.
  • The Treasury uses all colours but red - to represent their is monetary wealth in everything but the people, but rather their labours.
  • The Referendum Service uses two red and two black star points, signifying the people, and the technology used to bring them a solid, democratic voice.
  • The Area Conservatory uses green and blue to represent the land and sky.
  • The Guard uses black for all star points, and red for the centre - representing the strength of the people.
  • The Technology Service uses all colours in the star points, and a black centre, showing its main objective in technology, applied in all aspects of the micronation.[citation needed]

Government & Politics


The Constitution


Common Law


Geography & Bounds




Shared Bounds



- Named after street


Currently, Eodusian markets have been dominated by art commissions,[18] tips, and penetration testing of the website.[19] Diversifying the economy is one of the goals of the micronation.


Eocoin is the virtual currency circulated by The Treasury. It is of a fixed volume within the economy, as each Citizen is given 100 Eocoin once they join, and no currency can enter or leave the system. It has a floating value, meaning Citizens and markets give its value instead of the state. The Treasury keeps record of the balances and transactions between Citizens, using authentication in the form of the credentials of the sender.[20]

Relations with Other Micronations

At this moment in time, Eodus does not recognise, nor have any relations, with any other micronations.